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3 Strategies for Curing Connectile Dysfunction

An excellent post from Jill Konrath arrived today and I suggest you click on the link in the sidebar and sign up for her email newsletter…

3 Strategies for Curing Connectile Dysfunction By Jill Konrath It was only 11:30, but already I was far behind in what I\’d hoped to accomplish for the day. Despite all my best intentions, my To Do List was only getting longer.

That\’s when the mail arrived. A whole stack of it was plopped on my desk. Without even thinking, I started sorting it into two piles: important info and junk – which goes directly into the wastebasket. I take great pleasure in tossing out this unsolicited correspondence without even opening it. But when I got to the postcard from Sprint, I stopped. There it was, staring me in the face – a big headline declaring: The Power to Cure Connectile Dysfunction. It was so unexpected and such a great twist on words, that it totally jolted me out of my routine. I couldn\’t throw the postcard away. I even read the whole thing – something I never do.

Suddenly I was thinking about the connectile dysfunction issues we sellers face every day as we valiantly attempt to reach inaccessible decision makers. Our hopes of cracking into corporate accounts go unrealized, dashed by unreturned phone calls or brusque prospects who bring up impossible-to-address objections. For some sellers, connectile dysfunction is terminal. For others, it\’s a severe handicap they try to overcompensate for by making more phone calls. Fortunately people can recover from this disastrous condition. If you\’re suffering from it, here are three tips you can use to get your sales health back on track.

1. Provide a Jolt!

That\’s exactly what Sprint did. I was so immune to the typical self-promotional marketing messages most companies send that I literally throw letters out without taking a peek inside. People are like that on the phone too. If you say the same thing that every other seller says, you\’re deleted. As you prepare your account entry campaign, ask yourself: What could I say/write that would make someone sit up and take notice?

Ardath Albee created a winning title for a white paper she wrote for Einsof that\’s been downloaded thousands and thousands of times. Apparently lots of people are interested in the topic: \” Why Naked CRM Systems Don\’t Work.\”

2. Be Immediately Relevant

Focus your approach on a high priority business issue that the company is facing right now. Don\’t plead ignorance on this one. There\’s absolutely no reason you can\’t go the Press Release section on your prospect\’s website to find out what\’s happening. Also, check the local business news where you\’ll find lots of up-to-date reporting about the company\’s financial condition, primary initiatives and growth strategies. Any time you initiate contact with a corporate decision maker, make sure you demonstrate your knowledge of their firm in the first 10 seconds. If you don\’t, they\’ll promptly delete your emails and voicemail messages or toss your letters right into the trash.

3. Shake Their Status Quo

In selling, you\’re fighting the status quo. Busy corporate decision makers will stay with it as long as they can, only changing when their goals can\’t be achieved with the current way of doing things. In order to get an appointment, stress the impact of your offering on their business. When you tell a prospect you can slash operating costs by 23% while increasing customer satisfaction, they\’ll be interested. When they hear you\’re able to increase sales conversion rates by 23% or improve average order size by 11%, they\’ll be interested. When you talk about a similar customer who realized savings of $480,000 in just 3 months, they\’ll be interested. These kinds of statements practically demand that prospects re-evaluate their status quo. And that\’s exactly what you want to happen.

Here\’s the Good News

While you may be suffering from a severe case of connectile dysfunction today, you can be symptom-free in just days. Start by applying the strategies mentioned above and you\’ll notice an immediate improvement. Finally, if symptoms reappear in the future, just take out this dose of sales medicine and re-apply it to your new prospects.

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