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Your Goals and Desires

Most people do not think about \”enlightenment\”, or self realization.

Most people think that those ideals are a waste of time because they have bills to pay!

Most people think that the inner feelings that they seek can only be obtained from the acquisition and attainment of \”things\”; achievements and status; and having more stuff than the \”other guys\”.

Thus manifesting one’s desires are the most important thing to most people.

Getting more money is high on the list of over 90% of people in the UK and America (this changes slightly by culture).

There is nothing wrong with wanting things or having desires. There is nothing wrong with celebrating attaining something that you had as a goal (money, a successful business, a job promotion, a big house, a fancy car, a weight loss or physical aspect objective, a spectacular vacation etc).

However, if you believe that you will have the internal feelings that are your true core desire when you attain your goal, you will be, as all others have, extremely disappointed.

Having inner joy, peace, equanimity, and bliss FIRST, no matter what the outside conditions, will allow you to easily attain your \”desires\” while always being in a state of happiness.

Thus, you live a marvelous, wonderful, magical life full of joy, friends, family, laughter, and filled with love. You are all special.

Think about these things.

I will see you at the top!

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