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You NEVER Stop Learning

You are responsible for your own education.

When you want to learn about a new subject, go to the library. Go to the bookshop and buy books and magazines. Log on to the Internet. Join a club or association. Find experts in the field. Ask questions and more questions. Take courses and ask your teacher questions.

Don\’t just sit there. Make the course YOUR course.

Q. What do you want to know about something? A. All you can.

Q. What do you want to know about the business? A. Everything you can.

Hunger for knowledge because knowledge is power. You don\’t need to attend famous universities. You don\’t need a lot of money for tuitions. By yourself, with your own free will, you can learn anything that you want to learn.

Learning is a gift that you give yourself. Knowledge is portable. You take it with you everywhere.

I see qualifications as limits. They show that you have achieved something, of course, but that\’s it. It\’s really a label. I have a Ph.D. I did it because I could. And I use the knowledge it gave me every day. But I have outgrown the Ph.D through self education. If I sat with someone who had just completed my Ph.D in the same manner I did and then told them all I have learnt since passing it, I would blow the circuits in their head because many people believe that once you have the qualification, whatever it is, that\’s all you need to know.

The thing is, I know trainers and psychologists and hypnotherapists who have their qualifications on their wall. Great. Can they actually DO what they have the qualification for? NO not anymore!

Why is that? Because they don\’t use it, improve it, refine it or augment it with further information. A ship that spends too much time in dock will deteriorate unless it does what it is meant and built to do, sail the seas.  Your brain is the same.  It needs to keep active. You need to continually learn and you also need to continually question what you know. IS it the ONLY way to do something? Does that STILL work? You should never, ever, stop learning. Attend seminars, buy books (and read them), buy CDs (and listen to them).

Don’t worry what the book or CD/DVD costs you either. One sentence or idea in a £30 book or $500 course could make you 50 times that amount in the years ahead or change your life or the life of someone around you or someone you are working with.

That’s a better investment than buying shares…..or a lottery ticket. 😉

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