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You Create Everything In your Life!

You create everything in your life.

Your current thoughts (your vibrations and the frequencies you broadcast) create your reality and your life experience. Your past unmanifested thoughts, postulates and decisions are your Karma and also influence your current reality. Your thoughts come before your actions.

Most think actions create things in your life. Actually it is your thoughts past and present that do the real creating. When you really want something, and feel really good when you think of what you want, the Universe will, with absolute certainty, create circumstances, events, conditions and situations that will make what you want a physical reality.

The Universe will orchestrate everything perfectly with amazing precision and complexity in ways that are beyond human comprehension. When this happens in a \”spectacular\” way, it is called a miracle. Each year, millions of \”miracles\” are reported around the world. Things like spontaneous instantaneous physical healings, money seeming to appear out of nowhere to handle an urgent need, bumping into the perfect \”mate\” while you were lost and at a place you were not supposed to be, meeting a stranger that introduces you to someone who was looking to hire a person exactly like you and it turns out to be your \”dream job\”, and the list goes on. This is the Law of Attraction.

Everything always works together for the ultimate good. However what the Universe gives you might not appear as the ideal answer to your \”request or desire\”. But I can assure you, eventually it is always better than we could have imagined. As you may know, I had a spectacular car crash a few years ago which resulted in me not only being in Hospital for four months but not being able to exercise for over 4 years. People say what \”happened\” to me was terrible, totally unfair, and a shame. However I know this did not \”happen\” to me. I created it because I was \”broadcasting\” a very big dream.

The Universe gave me exactly what I needed to make my dream a reality. This \”horrible\” crash as most call it, has actually been the most wonderful miracle in my life to date. It has been a gift from the Universe. You will never know how thankful, grateful and appreciative I am for this \”experience\”. I felt this way from the very beginning of this \”ordeal\”. Yet in the beginning I could not tell you why it was perfect and so wonderful for me, I just \”knew\” it was. There were no apparent logical \”good\” or \”positive\” benefits for me being strapped to a hospital bed for four months to ensure I did not move the injury to my spine. Yet, I know how everything works.

If I could have moved without pain or danger I would have danced with joy! I was filled with ecstasy and positive expectation. Overwhelming bliss took over me. I could not give you any logical reasons why this was the best thing that ever \”happened\”. I just KNEW it was the best thing that could have \”happened\”.

I felt on the \”inside\” of my being like I won a jackpot. It is a feeling perhaps similar to what most people would feel if they just met the love of their life, or hit the lottery.

Now, for me, over 5 years later, everything is clear. Because I have been in what many would call a form of \’prison\’, albeit a very comfortable environment rather than the real thing, I have had the time and perfect opportunity to do something I have not been able to do for 20 years, but has been one of my major \”chief aims\”…complete my own \”training\”. For the first 12 months of my recovery, for over 8 hours a day (and on many days up to 14 hours) I have done highly advanced and arduous mental exercises, processes and meditative training. This training is the most advanced, complex, and difficult mind and spiritual work one can partake in. 

My \”ordeal\” has allowed me the opportunity and environment to do mind and spiritual training, exercises, and various practices and processes, that only a handful of people on the planet have ever had the ability and motivation to engage in. I read more books in one year, wrote more notes and researched material in one year than many would in a ten year period because there was nothing else distracting me.  Once I completed the majority of the training, my clarity and abilities have increased so exponentially it is truly mind blowing. For the next few years after my \”training\”, I have finally had the massive amount of time needed, in a distraction free environment, to put together, write and structure all the \”advanced HPT-Transformation programs\” for you. 

This includes creating the HPT-Transformation Seminar that you all will find to be the most revolutionary personal transformation training that the world has ever seen. For those who have been through three day training you know what I am talking about. That program would not have existed if it was not for me being injured and recuperating for such a long period of time.

Can you now begin to see how this has been a true Miracle? This has been more than a miracle and a \”blessing\” for me personally; it has been the most amazing experience in my life. For all who want more out of life, who want to be able to manifest all their dreams and desires, and who want inner peace, bliss, joy and \”enlightenment\”, you all will see by coming to one of my seminars or listening to my recordings, that my experience is mostly a true Miracle and blessing for you!

The next and best chapter for all of us has begun.

Keep being EPIC in all that you do.

Dave Moore

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