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Which One Are YOU?

Optimist? Pessimist? or…. Realist?

Does it really matter?   Well it might!

Take the famous analogy…

An Optimist sees a glass half full. A Pessimist sees a glass half empty. A Realist just sees a glass of water.

Do you see opportunity in every situation?  Do you always look for the good in people and the world? (Optimist)

Do you see no point in getting involved?  Do you think all of your plans will fail? (Pessimist)

Do you take every day as it comes and deal with it.  Do you do your own thing and not buy into all the new age psychological stuff? Believe it when you see it? (Realist)

All of them have their virtues though as a personal development trainer I have to say that Optimism is best out of those three options but there is a fourth.  There is another way of walking thru the world that will serve you much better…Because while you were looking at that glass of water I walked over and you didn\’t see me…you were too busy arguing over who was right…

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