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The amazing thing is….we are ALREADY halfway through 2013?

I am looking at the itinerary for a small speaking and training tour I am doing that has come around very quickly.  A while ago it seemed a mile off!  NOW it\’s next week!

That got me thinking about my goals and I thought you might be thinking about yours too.

How\’s that diet going you started on January 1st?

Are you making more money?

Did you get that new car?

How is that new house you wanted?

Are your relationships improved?

Well, if your like 97% of the population your answer to the above questions will be one or all of the following:  no, nothing, not yet and it hasn\’t happened.

But, if you are like the other 3% of the population you\’ve made significant strides towards (or maybe even achieved) your goals for 2013, and have already set new goals for the rest of the year and next year.

If you are thinking \’What happened to my goals, my dreams, my plans?\’ then rest assured you are not alone.

The thing about making plans is, unless we are VERY careful, \’life has a tendency to get in the way of plans\’!

You can do something RIGHT NOW to make a difference. 

The answer is: UPGRADE!

But first…

Stop! Don\’t fall for it.

Don\’t fall for making plans without committing to them.

Think about it….where are you right now? I don\’t mean your location on the grid or where you are in your home or office but where are you in LIFE?

Are you happy in that location or….yeah right!

So you assume that this is the time to change your life, go for what you really want, and get the life you want.

Didn\’t you say that last year?

And the year before that?

Do I need to write that sentence again?

There is a definition of madness or insanity which is: doing the same thing again and again expecting a different result.

I admit we all do it…\”I am going to: drink less, exercise more, eat healthier, watch less TV, spend more time with family yadda yadda yadda….\”

After a while….we slip back to our default setting. We have all the best intentions but its not enough.

It seems to me that the reason we fail so epically sometimes on resolutions is that we are throwing a behaviour or desire into a mix where it cannot survive.

I knew someone who had a very large fishtank.  He went online and ordered boxes of sand and rocks from Fiji, water solution mixes from Thailand and even had three men deliver and set up all the tank, sand and rocks for him.  It became his hobby with a vengence\’ because he really took it seriously.  He ordered fish from all over the world because he liked their color or shape(!) He bought hundreds of fish, hermit crabs and things none of us even recognized!

He never, ever, thought about whether they were compatible with each other. He bought a lot of fish. In the end, he had hardly any, because some ate others, some just killed others, some just died through being in the wrong mix.

Resolutions/ plans/ dreams/ aspirations can be like that. We have to change a lot more than just ONE behaviour to make our life better.

If you reset or reboot your life then all you are doing is tidying up and streamlining.  It\’s good, and it works to some extent but it doesn\’t bring the big rewards that you deserve.

The only way to truly advance, to move forward and be a person who does stuff that you never did before is to go for the UPGRADE.

If you upgrade you are saying to the world, the universe and everyone in it \’That was me THEN. This is me NOW. The New, Enhanced, Future-proof version of me.\’

If you attempt to run the latest version of MSWord on a previous version of Office you are in for a surprise. For one thing, the upgraded version cant be run on the old software and secondly, it won\’t recognise the document.

If you try to play a Blue-Ray DVD on a basic DVD player….no chance.

All of those examples will work the other way around though. The upgraded MSWord will upgrade the older document so it can be read. The Blue-Ray DVD will play an older DVD. A PS2 game will play on a PS3 console.

Why? Because it is the more powerful version of the old version.

The Upgraded you can still relate and interact with whatever you choose to from your past but to move forward you need to upgrade yourself and step into the future right now.

You must upgrade everything around you, important to you, loved by you, used by you, into the new mindset and decide right now that you are no longer going to be that person who \’settled\’ and \’accepted\’ what was handed to you. You are now going to go out and get what you want, do what you want, be what you want with and for who you want.

Want to start a new business – do it. Want to add a few zeros to your bank balance – do it. Want to travel- do it. Want to be happy- do it. Want to make 2013 your best year and the start of everything- Do it!!

Don\’t just do one thing, do a lot. Do them well. Grab every opportunity that comes your way. If opportunity doesn\’t come your way, go and find it. Surprise it.

You have every single resource you need to achieve what you want inside you. You have the key. the key is the desire, the will, to change. Decide to make that change, that upgrade, and use the skills that you have that have lay dormant inside you, untapped until now.

Life does not get better by chance, luck, resolutions or hope…it gets better by CHANGE.

You still have time to make 2013 the year of CHANGE, the year of YOUR change, and I will see YOU at the top!

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