On the 8th of March I was lucky enough to get my first Covid-19 Vaccination.

It was fuss free and quick!

No queues and the minimal amount of questions to answer.

I was informed of the possible side effects and got a look of disbelief when I told them that I have never had a headache in my life, (nor a hang over!). My Mother suffered bad migraines but it didn’t get handed down. I sympathise with people who suffer from these but I cannot understand it.

The nurse did say that I may feel a little prick but I assured her I have never been embarassed in my life!

The moment came, and it was over. No pain at all. No side effects at all since.

Was it a dream?

No. I have my second vaccination in May and can’t wait to be a step nearer to travelling the world again.

After all the scare mongering and fear about whether the AstraZenica vaccine is safe I knew it was. You should know it too. Make sure you have it.

Huge applause, thanks and love to our wonderful NHS.

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