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U and I

What is The Difference between U and I…?

You may think I am speaking about you, and me…but I mean the two letters U and I.

Those two letters have an even greater effect on you than you think they do.

There is just one letter making the difference between Growth and Limit and it is the letters U and I.

Constructive: having or intended to have a useful or beneficial purpose.

Constrictive: To restrict the scope or freedom of; to hold in or inhibit; limit

Growth comes from helping others. By doing so, we are helped too.

Growth comes from showing others the way. By doing so, we find additional ways.

We Limit our potential by being self-centred, holding back, secretive and not sharing.

When we are Constructive, we are building, we are positive, we are creative.

When we are Constrictive, we are stagnant, we are negative, we are blinkered.

One letter makes all the difference between being Constructive and Constrictive. Always say ‘U’ and not ‘I’…

Let\’s take this to the next stage…

Have you felt CONSTRICTED in life, in your job, at any time?

How have you broken free from constraints?

How has being in a constrictive environment affected you?  How did you remain Constructive?

Join Kate Nasser, the People Skills Coach (T) on Twitter, THIS Sunday February 2nd 2014 where we are co-hosting the TWEETCHAT…

\’Are You Constructive or Constrictive with Others?\’

10am EST 3pm GMT…Got Twitter? Get #PeopleSkills !

Or click on the People Skills badge on the left panel, or click on Kate Nasser\’s Name in the recommended websites.

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