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The Power of Passion, Energy and Ownership

Words. Affirmations.

How many times do we use words and affirmations when we \’reach for the stars\’ only to find that we never even get off the ground?

When we use empowering words without any emotion it’s like a broken pencil: pointless. Just like the old saying of comparing a toothpick with a spear. Words with no emotion are toothpicks, but words with emotion behind them are like a spear.

Be positive sounds like a blood group but being positive isn\’t everything, as some people would have you believe. Being positive just isn\’t enough. We can all be positive about something if we choose to be. We can be as positive as we like. But is just \’being positive\’ enough on it\’s own?  From the research we have conducted over the years, just saying something, just using the word(s) is not enough.

Just being positive will not make something change, or happen, or become achievable. It is better than the alternative, negativity. Positivity is a great context to work out of, far better than a negative one, but just \’doing\’ positive stuff will not make it happen.

We can use affirmations all day, again and again if we choose. We need to realise that positivity and affirmations alone will change NOTHING. Take an empowering affirmation like ‘I am Powerful’ and repeat it 20 times, 30 times, or maybe just 10 times and you will notice how the word loses all meaning.

But when we say an empowering word, like ‘Powerful’ once and we stand shoulders back, head up and punch the air with as much ownership and passion as we can muster, as much energy as possible, we start to feel a change immediately. Now imagine the feeling of being powerful, embody it, and own it. Feel power coursing through your veins, feel it tingling on the surface of your body, feel it, see it and hear it in your mind, and own it. Now say the word ‘Powerful’ again and feel the difference.

Saying things once, or hundreds of times, without passion, energy or ownership is pointless. Engaging with it, owning it, feeling it and using the energy of it is the point.

Saying something again and again, louder and louder will not make it the truth.

Saying it from a context of truth just once will make it a reality to you.

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