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The Pale Blue Dot


That is us…on the right.

That Pale Blue Dot, as Carl Sagan called us.

In this current climate it is easy to lose hope when faced with Man\’s inhumanity to Man.

We look at the news and see the latest atrocity.  War, famine, Murder, Hate, and now a Passenger plane shot out of the sky.

It is very easy to question our faiths, our beliefs, our understanding of the human race, but we must never forget that we are, inherently, civilised human beings.

What we have inside of us, beating our heart, coursing through our veins, pumping through our body, firing off in our brains, is faith in others, compassion for others, and love for one another.

The world is not full of bad people.  It is not full of murderers, terrorists and killers.  It is not full of people who want to conquer, overthrow, ruin or take things from others.

The few people that do this are just that: the few.

The few will never win.  Unless we stand against the few, we will never be able to have peace.

That Pale Blue Dot is all there is.  Once what is on that blue dot is gone, it\’s all over.  We cannot get help from outside of the Pale blue Dot.  We can only help each other.

We are the Majority.  We are people who look forward.  People who help others.  People who look after ourselves and those around us.  We are the people who build futures, businesses, lives.  We are the people who stand together and face adversity.  We are the people who have been knocked down but have got back up again, stronger than we were before.  We are the people who as one say \’No, this is not right.  We do not condone these actions.  THIS IS WRONG!\’

There is no future in destruction, in terrorism, in war, in murder, or in death.  The future is OUR way of living, and we must NEVER forget it.

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