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The Next Stage

Some of you know that a very good friend of mine, Paul Dennis passed away recently. 

I had known Paul for over 30 years. 

Most people are sad when someone \”passes\”. 

When the veil between YOU (the SELF) and the Ego (mind, body with a personality) is lifted, you know who you really are as an eternal being of light that is one with everything. 

When this happens (enlightenment), you \”see\” everything differently. You know what everything really is. Life is seen as a play of \”consciousness\”. Thus when someone passes (an actor in the \”play\”), you applaud their role and great performance in the dance of life. 

When you go to a West End or Broadway play, and the main character \”dies\” on stage, and the play is \”over\”, you stand and applaud. You feel great, not sad, when the play comes to an end. 

As a self-realized being, you see the same in \”real life\”. 

Thus, I stand and applaud Paul for his role in the play of consciousness we call life. I thank him for his interacting with me, in my own \”play\”. Paul has gone nowhere. His \”role\” and the character he played is over, not his essence or being. I am still \”one\” with that; the SELF. Becoming more aware, more conscious, closer to enlightenment; self-realization; God realization, is a wonderful way to live, as outside conditions, circumstances, events, people, and situations have less and less power over you. 

You can always be in a state of bliss, joy, peace and inner equanimity. 

Sending you all love, and encouraging you to seek first the inner peace that is in fact who you are.

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