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The Belongers!

How interesting it is to see that in some areas of this vast world, areas known as British Overseas Territories STILL have the right to classify people as \’Belonger\’ and \’Non Belonger\’ as you can read here: BELONGER STATUS.

I remember Richard Branson saying that he had fallen in love with the signage that the British Virgin Islands arrivals building has in the immigration hall saying \’ Belongers\’ and \’NonBelongers\’ in place of \’Resident\’ and NonResident\’.   I have fallen for that sign too.

I really fell for the term when I arrived at the Airport in Provodenciales in Turks and Caicos and saw for real the same signs in the arrivals hall. I totally wanted to be a BELONGER!

How extraordinarily Powerful is the word \’Belonger\’?

Nothing says more about how a country feels about you than when it tells you it thinks you belong there.

Perhaps we should use the term more often?

I have started to use the word for people who work for me at the Moore Consortium.  I think a lot of Communities should use the term BELONGERS for their members too.

What if your company had Belongers rather than Employees?  Would your \’belongers\’ feel more involved, included, appreciated?

When your people \’belong\’ where they are, it breeds a whole new form of loyalty.  They believe that they make a difference, not only to the company but to everyone around them.

What a great difference it makes when a nation decides that it\’s people BELONG HERE there rather than just \’living\’ or \’existing\’ here.

How Powerful would it be for a company, or a community, to decide that it\’s employees or members \’Belonged There\’ rather than just \’worked there\’, or were just members?

How about getting rid of the name Human Resources or HR Dept?  I hear employees call it Human Remains or Human Reburial Department!  I admit, many years ago during meetings at Cable London/ Telewest (when I had a real job;-)  ) we used to introduce the woman from HR as \’Jan from Human Remains\’!  Everyone laughed, including her.

How about…Belongers?

I am a great believer in Transformational Language and Change….and this combines the two.  Change our terminology and our language will transform our people.

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