Take A Leap Of Faith, In Yourself

Many people notice something interesting as they are going through the HPT-Transformation

Training (HERE). 

All of the books, the HPT-Transformation Course, all the workshops/seminars/lectures/webinars/, and all of these messages I post here contain and say virtually the same things, just in different ways, from different perspectives, viewpoints, angles, and in slightly different modalities (visual, auditory, metaphors, real life examples, humour, science, etc). This is true. 

And you will notice each \”feels\” different. This is because each is infused with a \”different\” energy. AND YOU are a different energy each time you go through the training. YOU change and are different in every moment in time. This is why spaced repetition of material (that is infused with energy) over time, awakens YOUR energy. 

When this happens you GET IT. 

You SEE! 

And you KNOW (it\’s always a FEELING).

Over the last few years I have been \”back to school\”, I have reread all the books on the basic and advanced book lists I give to everyone who attends our Seminar. I can tell you, I am still learning! I felt like I was reading them for the first time! 

I was so happy. And I have been studying and reading many other books as well. As I was rereading Napoleon Hill\’s Think And Grow Rich, I began laughing as everything I was reading is in dozens of other books. 

The Truth is not new, it has been written about for 

thousands of years. 

You can ALWAYS get a deeper understanding of Truth. You can always get more a more CLEAR truth. You can always (as long as you are in a body) get a higher sense of freedom on all levels and all dimensions. You can always increase your abilities and release more abilities. And you can always have an even deeper more powerful and intimate \”experience\” within yourself. 

I encourage you to continue reading and rereading the books on the HPT-Transformation course (HERE) that you have either downloaded or received in the Course Manual you received at the Seminar.  Please keep reading and rereading these posts/messages, engaging on the Facebook, Twitter and Google community pages, and continue on your constant journey of internal expansion. We will soon be offering an even more in depth look into the future so stay tuned for the next step.

Over the last few years I have received thousands of letters/emails with questions about how to manifest, how to be happy, how to overcome adversity etc. ALL of the answers to EVERY question is IN the HPT-Transformation Course, \’Becoming YOU Again\’ (Click HERE for details) and in all the newsletters. Seek and you WILL find. Knock and it WILL be opened.

But YOU must SEEK and YOU must go through the door that has been opened! A man came to me and asked for the \”secret\” to making money. He was obsessed with getting out of his poorly paid job and making money. I asked him what his favorite TV shows were. He had a list of about 20 shows that he watched every week. He also watched all the football games and other sports all week. (He basically spent most of his free time watching TV!). I said I would be happy to sit with him and give him advice; all he had to do was not watch TV for 1 week and read a book I would give him. He got upset and said he just wanted the \”secret\”, he did not want to \”study\”! He walked away in a huff. I simply sent him love and knew he was not ready yet to receive the gift. 

Are YOU ready to receive? Think about that! 

…until next time….you are deeply appreciated. 

Keep being EPIC in all that you do.  

Love yourself, for I love you.

Dave Moore

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