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Blaming others never works, it compromises your power and your strength.

When you are wrong, the most expedient form of action is to admit your mistake and move on.

How many people do you know who walk around, slumped over, moaning, whining and saying things like, \”I could have been a success…BUT!\” \”I could have sold to that guy…BUT!\” \”I could have been a millionaire….BUT!\”

Kick the \’buts\’ out of your life.

Accept the fact that life isn\’t always fair. You will not always be right. You are human and to trip, stumble and fall are all part of being human. What differentiates you from the herd is that you get up.

Mistakes are your teachers. By choosing to be a risk taker, you will face both peril and reward. You will make a lot of mistakes as all successful people have done and continue to do. It is not someone else\’s fault if your success involves persistence, failing and learning.

Accept this as your choice. Take risks. No great fortune or great endeavour or business was achieved without risk. As Sir Richard Branson says in his book Reach For The Skies: \”If you choose to live a quiet life you will never know what it feels like to win!\”

This is the nature of the road to success. Let your ego go. Take risks.

Take responsibility.

Break that word down. Responsibility. In fact you should look at that word as two words. Response and Ability. You MUST have the ability to make your response a positive one. You must cultivate a positive, powerful and empowering Response Ability. It is your ability to make your responses more self empowering, strong and positive that will help you overcome all manner of challenges and \’failures\’ (I hate that word).

Worry more about what you can do rather than what others haven\’t done.

Never feel sorry for yourself. Blaming others will not make you feel better. If you fail, look at what you did, dust yourself off and do it differently.

Remember, don’t blame others for that failure. Because if you succeed even bigger because of that failure…are you going to credit them for that failure? Or, shock horror, the success that came from it?

No, I didn’t think so. 😉

The most important thing to understand is this…There is no failure, only feedback!

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