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PAYPAL and Flights rip-off

Beware these Rip Offs :

I called PayPal the other day….I was on the phone querying something as usual as their website is a very backward in coming forward with clear information and now I know WHY!!!! Today I find the true cost that a call to their number 09838381050 is!  (Thankfully it has now been changed – but it still costs a fortune to connect to it to be told of yet another number) What\’s more, PayPal do not tell you how much the call is going to be per minute…. A 9 minute call to that number from a LAND LINE cost £16.86!!!!!!!!

If you book a flight online and use a cowboy outfit called eDreams then you will live to regret it.  They automatically book the flight without luggage allowance.  When you attempt to correct it online you cannot get access to your account even though you have set one up.  The screen tells you to call them on 09116992020…where all the people have portugeuse accents.What\’s more, eDreams do not tell you how much the call is going to be per minute…. the idiot at their office suggested I create a new account but it was obvious to me that if I did that I would not be able to access the account with the flights as the computer would not connect my new account with the old one.  Even though I had the code they had sent me, and the reference they had sent me, eDreams could not assist in any way whatsoever. The idiot seemed to be saying whatever he thought up next but had no real clue as to how it worked. An 18 minute call to that number from a Land Line cost £32.16!!!!!


Have you noticed that companies have a hold message that says \’your call is important to us\’? What they really mean is \’the money from this call is important to us\’!

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