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Part 3 of Transcript \’HPT for Prisons\’

Following on from:

…..Continued DM: David Moore P: Prisoners Single Initials for aliases of prisoners speaking or asking questions.

DM. In here you have time.  that\’s all you have.  the good thing about this situation is that you already know something it takes people outside a while to understand.  That is, worrying about stuff thats going on outside is pointless because you can do nothing about it.  Outside, it takes a while for people to realise that worrying about something THAT IS OUT OF THEIR CONTROL has never changed the outcome of something, ever…EVER!  BUT that doesn\’t stop them from still worrying though but worrying doesn\’t change a thing.  The whole reason i am here is because all of you, at sometime, are going to be back out in the REAL WORLD.  Some sooner than later.  But what are you going to do? Go back to crime?  End up back in here? You! (DM points at one of the inmates who is smiling) What are you going to do?  Do you want to share with us?

P-D No. DM. Share it, stand up. tell everyone what you\’re going to do. P-D (standing up) I am going to go back to my decorating business. DM. Good.  Is that what you were doing before you came in? P-D Yeah DM. You must have been the worst decorator in the world. P-D (looks shocked as the others laugh) No. I was good.  I\’m qualified DM. But they put you in prison for it.  P-D I didnt do anything. DM You got arrested for doing nothing?  Wow. (DM looks around the room) DM Isnt that great.  He got arrested for doing nothing.  Thrown in prison for doing nothing.  just minding his own business, painting a door, and the police burst in and threw him in Prison. (inmates are laughing. P-D is staring at DM) That is REALLY something….wouldnt that make a great movie?  Innocent man painting a door is sent to prison.  Comes out after a few years and carries on painting the door. (Inmates laughing) Bit of a disappointing ending though.  No car chases, shootings… P-D Look, I got involved with the wrong people and i got sent down. DM No need to explain it to me pal. But let me just tell you this. There is NO WAY YOU CAN LEAVE HERE AND JUST GO BACK TO WHAT YOU WERE DOING BEFORE WITHOUT ADMITTING TO YOURSELF THAT IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT YOU GOT SENT HERE. P-D It wasnt my fault DM What a cop out that is!  We can all say that.  It happened but it wasnt my fault.  Take some responsibility. P-D (sits down) F**k off DM Annoyed?  Stand up and talk to me. P-D F**k off I aint annoyed DM Stand up and talk or get the hell out. P-D Leave me alone. DM Stand up you f**king liar. P-D (stands up) I am not a liar. Call me a liar and I\’ll…(looks around at prison guards) DM There ya go.  EXACTLY! You\’ll what?  Hit me? Will that work? You want to hit me and yet you tell me you\’re not annoyed.  You cant tell the truth and that makes you a liar. P-D Leave me the f**k alone and do your training. DM I am doing it.  I am doing the part where you realise what a liar you are to yourself. P-D I\’m not a liar. (DM walks over and stands a few feet away from P-D) DM But are you angry? P-D Yeah i am. (Silence for ten seconds) DM Now THAT is the truth.  Congratulations!  thank you. GIVE THAT GUY A ROUND OF APPLAUSE (Inmates applaud and make noises) P-D (sits down) Yeah

DM Taking responsibility for your actions is a big thing.  Admitting that you are responsible is

freedom, it\’s liberating.  But you cannot go back and just do what you were doing before when you get out.  Not without knowing exactly who you are and that you can be whoever you want to be.  you have the time to look within yourselves and find a new you, a real you, any other kind of you other than the one that put you in here.  You need to create a situation, a way of being, in which you can change, regenerate, transform yourself into someone who will never EVER come back, purely by not putting yourself in a position where you come back.  The whole purpose of me being here is to show you that you can transform your ability to experience living so that all those situations you have been trying to change, or have put up with, like being in prison, clear up in the process of you living your life itself.

To be continued…

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