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Missing Found Dead but nobody listened…

10 Years ago I sat with a few people who I had been training in Eye Accessing Cues.

This is something that the FBI used to convict people when questioning them.

It is not an exact science but it is one of the main disciplines within NLP training and a great way of getting an understanding of the thought processes of the person opposite you.

 When the murders happened in Soham I was sitting in London watching skynews and Jeremy Thompson, a reporter from SKY was walking around Soham interviewing residents to see if anyone had any information on the two girls.

He walked up to Ian Huntley who was standing at his door and asked him a couple of questions. Eye accessing cues can give indications if people are lying. People store points of reference and they access them. Looking to their left is a truth. Looking to their right is a lie. (Left/Right – Right/Wrong)

Up left..visual remembering

Direct left…auditory remembering

Direct right…auditory construction (making up conversations)

Down left …Internal dialogue

Down right…accessing feelings

Other factors come into play also….sweating, tone, pitch, speed, swallowing…if you know what to look for you can see and hear and feel things nobody else will pick up.

He asked Huntley where the girls were when he saw them..he looked to his right and said they were walking down the lane.

When asked if they seemed happy he looked to his right and said yes, as they asked how maxine was and seemed very happy when he told them she would be back at school on Monday.

Both of those were a lie.

When told, quite innocently, that he was probably the last person to see them alive he looked to his left and said, yes I probably was. That was the truth.

 I was with three other NLP trainers and we rang SKY and told them he was the killer, rang the sun and mirror and told them. We rang crimestoppers…Nobody listened…some laughed.

Three days later….you know the rest

 Yesterday I watched an interview with the boyfriend of the grandmother of the missing 12 year old girl Tia Sharp. She had been missing from home for 1 week. I watched that man and after a few seconds picked up the phone and…you know the rest. Brick wall, laughter and ‘yeah yeah ok’ answers.

I said he was violent, he obviously knew more than he was telling, there was a deeper connection with the family…..

 No one listened apart from people who know my history in personal development.

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