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Is Imagination More Important Than Knowledge?

What do you think is the BIGGEST reason people don’t follow through with an idea? Not EVERY idea, but the BIG ones! Well?


I am a great believer in there being no such thing as a bad idea….Bad ideas do not exist! No, never, Nothing!

I have said before that there are two kinds of ideas. Great ideas and mad ideas. Sometimes the mad idea isn’t actionable…but, Not being actionable does not mean they are bad ideas. It means that they are ideas that, though great ideas, cannot be realised because of other factors. These factors may be time, money, effort etc. Sometimes things happen that preclude you from taking action on an idea, however safe or mad.

The biggest thing for me is people using their brains.

I cultivate a climate of ‘controlled madness’ in my office. A ‘can do’ mentality.

A sign in my office says; ‘Find a way or make a way.’

\’Organised Chaos\’ is my favourite description of my office culture.

In that sort of office, there are no bad ideas. And NO ONE is afraid to say anything, ask anything come up with an idea for fear of being laughed at.  Even ideas that we find will not work more often than not have some element of a great idea that can be used somewhere else.  

So, What DO you think is the BIGGEST reason people don’t follow through with an idea?

I believe the biggest reason people do not follow through a potentially big or life changing idea is…they think it has already been thought of and built or made or is on the market already.

In other words, they think; ‘Ahh, someone will have already thought of that!’

I LOVE watching Ice Hockey. I love all winter sports but Ice Hockey for me is exciting. I enjoy everything about it; the speed, the tension, the fights even. And boy, are there fights?

Ice Hockey is about 150 years old. The Goalie mask is…not. It was invented by a goalie called Jacques Plante in 1959!!! Why? He got tired of being hit in the face with the puck!

He finally had his nose broken and that, I suppose, was his tipping point.  Montreal Maroons\’ Clint Benedict wore a crude leather version in 1929 to protect a broken nose too, but Plante introduced the mask as everyday equipment, and it is now mandatory equipment for goaltenders.

My point is…Wouldn’t you think that SOMEONE would have come up with this idea before then?

There were millions of people who enjoyed the game but only two guys who came up with a safer way to play it.

You see, there are thousands of equally obvious, audacious ideas out there…YOUR job is to be thinking about them!!

I firmly believe; Imagination is just as important as knowledge!

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