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How to Have, Be and Do ANYTHING you want! This Is The Sign!

My story is very unique. I have lived a lifestyle most people

only dream about.

My achievements in business, health, my uncanny luck, and my lifestyle have amazed me and the people who know me. I have lived an amazing life.

Here’s what using these powerful secrets has done for me:

My associated companies have done MILLIONS of pounds in sales

I have owned Publishing companies, Sales companies and businesses in the UK and in many other countries

I have lived in million pound homes, all across the UK, and on 3 continents

I live a life that allowed me to drive cars like Rolls Royces, Ferraris, Jaguars, Bentleys and Mercedes

I have owned millions of pounds worth of fine jewelry, gold, antiques and art

I travel first class wherever I go (including jets, limos and the most expensive hotel suites)

I’ve had private chefs, drivers and bodyguards

I’ve dined in the finest restaurants and enjoyed the most expensive wine and champagne

I have associated with some of the richest, most powerful people in the world including Prime Ministers, Generals, business tycoons and Hollywood celebrities

I also have unreal human health (I virtually NEVER get sick)

The reason I tell you these things is


It is to IMPRESS UPON YOU that I know something YOU NEED TO KNOW!

If YOU learn what I have been taught, YOU could HAVE, BE or DO ANYTHING YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE!

But life was not always good for me!

I was an only child, born in a very poor part of East London.  My parents worked VERY hard to put and keep a roof over our heads.  I grew up in a very loving environment with the best parents anyone could wish for.

Things didn\’t get better until my Father became a Manager with a very large supermarket chain.  He became an area Manager and Director before he retired.  In the early days we had no bathroom, just a tin bath in front of the fire three times a week.  We had a toilet at the bottom of the garden lit by candles. We had no telephone until I was 12 and a colour TV didn\’t appear until I was 15.  My parents worked long hours to make money.  I went to work when I was 15. 

Before I discovered how to get everything I wanted and learned the secrets, I was just an average guy who grew up in a very poor and moneyless environment.

I never went to college, that was much later, and for years went from job to job. I did not have “connections.” I was dead broke and overweight. Life was a struggle. Making ends meet was tough. I was in debt and had trouble paying my bills. I couldn’t get a date. I was unhappy and unfulfilled. Things never went my way. I felt like I had a black cloud over my head. I was unlucky in everything. I felt like a curse was on me. (Maybe you can relate in some ways.)




I was desperate to change my situation. I read over 1,000 self help books and went to every seminar I could, to learn HOW to be successful. The problem was that none of the people teaching me WERE successful! They all made their money TEACHING other people how to be successful! They NEVER did it themselves!

Everything I learned was THEORY. It just didn\’t work in real life.

Worst of all, it was just a theory to the people who were teaching others.

But I was a young man who seemed to have potential. Although not a member of an elite privileged family, I was fortunate enough to meet someone who knew how to get what they wanted. They also showed ME how it really works! It was a total fluke. I was at the right place at the right time. They gave me an offer I could not refuse. At the time I did not know WHY I was chosen to learn all of this.

When I received my invitation I immediately accepted! I studied and learned the secrets with more passion than anyone ever had in their history!

It turned out I was gifted with the unique ability, much like Einstein, at “crunching” or simplifying complex concepts and making them easy to understand and apply. I totally integrated the “secrets” into my whole being and life!

I even created what I call the “5 Second Miracle” from all this amazingly powerful secret information —— which is based on taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life. I simplified the secrets I had learned, the information and secret keys to success.

One day, I felt I was READY to see if this secret information would REALLY work like they told me. Could it be true that by simply applying this foolproof, almost magical secret, I could HAVE, BE or DO ANYTHING I WANTED? Would it REALLY be that easy? Would it REALLY work so fast?

All these well-known, powerful, and super rich members told me it was true, and they had the physical proof it worked. They had the money, wealth, power, control, luck, health and status. It was definitely working for THEM. But would it work for ME?

It is a little like changing fonts and colours and margins on a computer. It may look great but it will not be a permanent change unless you hit the ‘APPLY’ button..

and I hit ‘APPLY’ in my life!!!

Everything changed almost overnight for me! From the MOMENT I starting using this new knowledge, it worked – in fact, EVERYTHING in my life became better. It was almost magical! It was almost like I had found Aladdin’s Lamp and had a Genie that would grant me every wish I had!

Within a short time, I got out of debt. I started making more money than I could ever dream about. I became lucky at everything. I lost weight. My health became amazing! I had luxury cars, houses, jewellery and clothes. I bought my parents a home and a new car.  I travelled first class, and most importantly, I was HAPPIER than ever before. I was living a stress-free magical life

I felt I could see the future and predict events and will things to occur in my life with uncanny accuracy!

I also felt totally in control of all situations and people.

My confidence was at an all time high and I had no fear in my life!

I have attracted MONEY FROM ALL DIRECTIONS and have enjoyed a lifestyle that most people could not even imagine.

People all around me could not believe my success! It happened so FAST it looked like I hit the lottery! I became super “lucky!” Everything I touched turned to gold as if by magic.

Then one day, a person who worked with me came BEGGING to learn my secrets. He wanted to know HOW I was getting so lucky.

After three years of BEGGING, I reluctantly decided to teach SOME of the secret discoveries to him. This was AGAINST the rules of the PEOPLE WHO SHOWED ME! 

These discoveries and secrets were for THE CHOSEN FEW ONLY! But I felt I was only revealing a “FEW” of the secrets – NOT ALL OF THEM.

These secrets are SIMPLE and EASY to learn. He was a quick learner and he started applying these secrets right away.

Within a year, starting with ZERO, he became RICH BEYOND HIS DREAMS!

I could not imagine how good I would feel seeing another person succeed with this knowledge. It was fantastic!

NOBODY who had learned these secrets like me was supposed to pass them on to just ANYONE! This gives an UNFAIR advantage in life to the PRIVILEGED ELITE class. The “little” guy or “average” person is left out! I felt this was TOTALLY UNFAIR and just plain WRONG! So I decided to break the rules and teach some of the secrets to a few other people who were SERIOUS about doing whatever it takes to get a better life.

Could YOU also be one of those people?

To be continued….soon…

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