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One of the biggest issues we have as Leaders is our people. Our teams.

It is not only the recruiting but the retaining of our people that we as leaders have to concentrate on. What makes a team of people exceptional or, at the very least, effective?

Recruitment is a major issue. More so than at any other time. I have never seen so many recruitment companies as there are these days. When you look at the amount of recruitment sites and companies around you get a clear understanding as to why it is so difficult for people to get a position these days, as sometimes 50 different companies are propelling people towards the same opportunity.

I have been a Sales Trainer and Seminar Leader for almost 25 years. As a Sales Trainer I can tell you with 100% authority, recruitment of the right people is the biggest issue. All the sales training in the world will not make someone who is not interested in the role better at it.

I read a sign once that said ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. You can lead someone to knowledge but you can’t make them THINK!’

Although it doesn’t rhyme there is also the line ‘You can give someone ability but you can’t make them use it!’ which would fit nicely on the end of that.

As leaders we have to be pretty savvy when interviewing people. We have to listen very carefully at what the candidate is NOT saying just as much as what they are saying. We also have to consider that this person may be fantastic at interviews but not at the job itself.

People spend so much time and effort planning and organising a two week vacation but make no plans for the other 50 weeks of the year. Couples spend so much time, energy and money on a wedding but have no idea how to STAY married. Likewise, people spend so much time and energy on getting the job when they have no real idea of how to do it or keep it.

One of the most simple and plain truths there is in recruiting the right people is to look for them rather than let them come to you.

Having a team of people with scrambled abilities and dedication is a nightmare…consistency is what you need. A company needs a minimum level of ability in its people.

You may need to consider looking at other companies, other businesses, and target their people.

Hey, controversial huh?

Poaching? No! It is all about giving people alternatives.

The BEST businesses in the world have the best….….PEOPLE. Period. You cannot sit around waiting for these people to come to you. Go and get them. Create your team of excellence. Design and mould a team of infinite ability and then train them in the ways of your company.

It is necessary for your people to have the ability to learn and the mindset of an achiever. You can give them all the knowledge, tips, techniques, strategies and tools in the world. They have to be capable at some level already to be able to go to the next stage with you.

I know that a motivated idiot is the most dangerous person to have in any business. The saddest is a person with all the ability in the world but no desire to use it.

If you want a high performing business you need to recruit and retain high performing people. It is a well-known fact that one great person can outperform 100 good people. Can you imagine the amount of change in a company if just one of the leaders from #bealeader was recruited by an average business?

The bottom line is this: If you want a team of excellent people you need to hire excellent people.

I visit the Pomme d’Or hotel in Jersey in the Channel Islands every couple of months. Their staff can never do enough for their guests. They have a level of service that exceeds excellence. They call your room every now and then and ask if everything is fine. There is a smile on the face of every member of the team.

I said to the Manager one day: ‘your people are so friendly, always willing to help and always smiling and happy to see people. What do you do to train your people to be so friendly?’

She said, ‘We don’t train our people to be friendly. We just hire friendly people!’

Wow! How simplistic is that? Of course, that can be translated into ‘We just hire THE RIGHT people.’

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