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Go Green!

Well I have read a lot of descriptions of Robert Green in the press, from idiot to hapless.  From inexperienced to should have known better. As usual we are kicking a guy when he is down.  The whole England team are standing behind him (I know, pity they weren\’t doing that last Saturday!) and we as a nation must stop all of this negative commentary and get behind the team.  Capello has been described as a great manager, the best manager for England, and the ONLY person who can lead England to victory.  Now he is being described as weird, secretive, not instilling confidence, not knowing what he is doing, confused…it goes on and on.  Why?  Because England didn\’t go out and hammer 5 goals into the USA\’s net.

Capello is the best manager for the team, as proved by his decision to keep the wretched WAGs at home.  A bunch of attention seeking orange shop window dummies who seem to think that marrying, or just sleeping with. a footballer allows you to give your opinion on everything from Jimmy Choo shoes to world peace and global warming when in fact, the truth is, they can barely walk and think at the same time. 

Robert Green has played for England before and he did a great job.  If he hadn\’t, Capello wouldn\’t have picked him. 

How many times has a striker, or indeed any player, missed an open goal from 5 feet?  Lots of times.  Do we remember them?  No. We concentrate on the goals they scored.  Let\’s concentrate on what a great goalkeeper Robert Green is (well he does play for West Ham United) and forget that in the first half of his last game he let the ball slip through his hands and into the net.

And let\’s also forget that last October when England played the Ukraine he became the first England goalkeeper to be sent off!  Sssssh!

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