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Find Your Mind!

Most people exist not in a state of Self but in the fallen or untransformed state: a State of Mind.

This is a terrible and sad state in which people consider themselves not as the matrix but one of the things created IN the matrix.

In HPT, the \’Mind\’ is the way of designating the entire cybernetic system of any individual, including conscious as well as unconscious processes, operating without reference to Self.

The Mind is an automated warehouse of burdened, encumbered memories.  It\’s a linear arrangement of complete multi sensory records of successive moments (memory records), and operates according to a simple and undiscriminating system of logic that associates, and even identifies, things that are in fact quite different.

The Mind is a device whose purpose or, more accurately, design function is to ensure the survival of oneself or anything that one identifies with oneself.

\’Survival\’ goes beyond physical survival.  It includes the survival of ones ideas, opinions, and self-conceptions, and thus results in being right and making others wrong, dominating and avoiding domination, justifying oneself and invalidating others.

To accomplish its purpose, the Mind scrupulously records those experiences that are necessary for survival. Experiences containing a real or imagined threat to survival, when successfully met, are those deemed necessary for survival.  This list of experiences include those containing pain and unconsciousness; loss or shock associated with emotional stress; and unwitting reminders of earlier records containing pain, shock or loss.

Whenever the present environment resembles in any way some such painful or stressful memory, whenever one encounters a situation that one perceives to be threatening to survival – one in which one might lose, be made wrong, be dominated, be invalidated – the past memories are reactivated, called into play in an undiscriminating way, as guides to the avoidance of pain and threat.

They exert a total command over behaviour in the present, controlling the body sensations, facial expressions, posture, thinking, emotions, appearance, fantasies, attitudes, states of mind, everything!

The mind operates according to the logic of identification.  Everything resembles everything else, resemblances are everywhere, painful and stressful images from the past are reactivated continuously. They permeate the present, whether the resemblance is there or not.

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