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Energy Vampire or Mood Hoover?

Well, I doubt if anyone would say no to a REAL Vampire if it was Kate Beckinsale in Underworld but…

You have only one life to live. You want to be happy and to make your life meaningful.

You haven\’t got time to waste associating with negative people (Energy Vampires and Mood Hoovers) They will drain your energy and when they find a willing or captive audience, just like a real Vampire (Huh? Real vampire?) they won\’t let go once they have sunk their teeth into you.

Negative people may have justifiable concerns but too often they get over involved in minor matters and imaginary transgressions.

Negative people may be envious of your ability to succeed (you know who you are!!!). They may also be scared of your ability as you could inadvertently outshine the \’leader\’ (She knows who she is too!)

They may feel guilty knowing that they aren\’t willing to pay the price that success asks.

Negative people are usually negative because they have given dominion to their happiness to others, often many others.

It\’s the boss, the neighbours, the kids, the politicians, and the police. It\’s money. It\’s the bills.

Be polite and encouraging to negative people. Listen to their complaints or stories but only once.

Give them a copy of this post. It may help. Chances are they will hate it. If their \’problems\’ are serious enough, guide them to professional help.

Don\’t judge. Empathise with them but avoid being drawn into their web of unhappiness.

Help those you can while realising that you can\’t help or save everyone. You can open your heart, be compassionate and still be strong enough to walk away.

You can say no.

Everyone has \’problems\’ but not everyone allows those things to rule them. You can offer a temporary safe haven without it becoming a permanent home. An Energy Vampire, or Mood Hoover, will suck the life, joy and energy out of any situation and leave it as dry as a desert.

They will infect everyone…negativity is contagious.  Remember that!

You do not have to sacrifice your life to the issues of another.

But what about you?

Are you negative sometimes? When you are let down, or disappointed, or passed over for promotion or being told \’I don\’t think we should see each other again\’. So? What are YOU going to do about that.

Take a case in point.

Remember back to the first time that you had your heart broken, the very first time! Remember how bad you felt, remember the pain and the anger. At the time you really believed that it was the end of the world. You thought that you would never love any one as you loved that person. You thought that you would never be able to love again.

And you were wrong. Two weeks later you’re back out there on the prowl. How many ‘loves’ have you had since then?

Two, three, five or more? Now if you’d hung on to the past, if you’d only focused on the pain and sorrow, you’d still be a sad, miserable bastard with no friends and one massive forearm.

But you didn\’t, you let go, and put the past behind you.

And that is what you need to do in every situation.

Focus on the positive aspects not the negative.

We will all make mistakes; we will all still get a broken heart from time to time. But it’s the here and now that we must focus on, not the past, and not what may happen in the future.

Everyone gets knocked down at some point…but only the STRONG ones get up!

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