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Emotional Intelligence – E.I. or E.Q?

I am about to turn this EQ and IQ debate on its head!

What really is EQ, IQ and IC?

Your EQ is more important than your IQ. The IQ test may help you get a job but your EQ will help you keep it. A high IQ is around 135. A high EQ is immeasurable.

It is no surprise that there are many people with really high IQ’s working for people with really low IQ’s. The people with the low IQ also have a high EQ, Emotional Quotient, and this makes them the real leaders. They know how to get people to work together.  They know how to put teams, groups and companies together.  They get people to work with people

The high EQ people know how the whole game is played and they draw the best out of their people and they are not afraid to have the more ‘intelligent’ working for them.

Of course, the people with the high IQ know how long it takes two men to fill up a bath with water using a pint glass halfway up a mountain in a thunderstorm but…that’s not going to improve business is it?

What would improve business?

Being the person who has the EQ skills to get the two guys to fill a bath with water halfway up a mountain in a thunderstorm in the first place!

Now although that is a great description of what EQ and IQ is (even if I say so myself ;-)) there is another definition of EQ, IQ and IC (\”IC? What\’s THAT?\” I hear you ask). What\’s more…it\’s probably the most important and life changing definition there is.

What if you are working at a company and things are not going your way. Or you may be doing something in your life but you just can\’t get it right. You can\’t achieve what you want to achieve. Do you give up? Do you continue to \’try\’ (yuck! I hate that word) but in your mind and heart you know that you have given up?

This is the new IQ in the world today. So many people IQ (I Quit). What\’s more, they have no idea how near to success they are when they quit!

Are you the only person in your company, business, life, relationship that thinks IQ? I bet not. You see, it\’s contagious!

Like a virus it infects everyone until, before you know it, unconsciously, EQ (Everyone Quits!).

Commit to one thing, if you commit to nothing else, commit to this…

IC! This is the belief you need. Your IQ and your EQ is blown away by this.

IC = I Can!

Your IC level (I CAN) is always more important than the IQ (I QUIT)level and will stop the rot of EQ (Everyone Quits) in its tracks. Defeat will never be an option. So when logic is trying to point out all the excuses and reasons tell that little voice in your head that keeps telling you that you will fail, you will not succeed and you are useless to shut the hell up.

Say to yourself: My IC is unbeatable. IC. I CAN!

As for the words you use, I prefer IM = I MUST! When you see things as a \’I MUST\’ then you become UNSTOPPABLE!

 Check out Bad vs Strong language here: Bad Vs Strong Language

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