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Creating Happiness

An enlightened, fully SELF-Realized person once explained the truth about happiness to me.

Your happiness must be anchored in the experience of the SELF.

It must be established in understanding the “oneness” of all that is and that you are not separate from anything. Your inner joy and bliss must come from “knowing” the fact that you are an extension of Source which is all things.

Then your happiness is complete, total, and everlasting.

Then you have complete inner contentment.

Then your happiness will be bubbling up within you every moment forever.

It will never come to an end.

However, if your happiness is based on how smoothly everything is going in your life, how well you are doing, how wonderfully people are praising you, how often you get what you want, how cozy you are in your own little cocoon you call your “life”, then you must understand that your happiness will never be complete and will never last.

If you do have moments of happiness, it is illusionary. It never is total or complete, it never fulfills you. You are always left wanting and searching for something more. You are always feeling “something is missing”.

You are never content. You cannot look for happiness outside yourself. You cannot base your happiness on external conditions, situations, events, circumstances or people. True happiness comes from knowing the SELF. This means knowing and experiencing that you are an extension of Source. Source is energy.

This ONE energy or consciousness or awareness is the ONE “thing” that EVERYTHING in the Universe is an extension of. Knowing this and EXPERIENCING this will give you complete and total happiness, joy and bliss that surpasses all human understating.

This explanation is wonderful, however, you must experience it yourself and not just intellectually know it.

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