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Context/ Paradigm Shifting

No more effort or energy is required in order to aim

high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty. Period!  That is a FACT!

You may even be aware of someone who has experienced a dramatic increase in their income, seeing them go from earning 25K or 30K a year … to 25K or 30K a month! I firmly believe that if you can earn £/$100,000, you can earn a million. The only difference between the two amounts lies in a person’s level of awareness. If and when quantum leaps of this nature take place, you can be assured that a serious paradigm shift that’s been made, meaning they are working out of a new context.

If you’re like most people, paradigms very likely are controlling every move you make.  They are also designing the context that you work from. 

A paradigm is a collection of habits. In most cases, these habits aren\’t even originated by yourself, yet they guide every move you make. They affect the way you eat, the way you walk, even the way you talk. They govern your communication, your work habits, your successes and even your failures in life. It’s also important to know, that, for the most part, these paradigms are other people’s habits – yet they remain the guiding lights in your life.

In order to replace an old paradigm that doesn\’t serve you (i.e., “I’ve never been able to make more than 40K a year), you must lay a new paradigm over that old one, ensuring that it’s sealed from “leaking through again\”. When you understand how to lay this floor, so to speak, you will expose yourself to a brand new world of power, possibility and promise.

Paradigms change you to the core

Think of how the world has changed. There are hundreds of thousands of people walking the street today who went to school, worked hard, studied long hours, graduated at the top of their class, secured employment with a major blue-chip company and bought into the promise that just about every major corporation offered: “If you give us loyalty, we will give you security.”

Twenty years later, as these loyal and misguided individuals stood proudly near the top of their corporate ladder, shouldering responsibility for big mortgages and small children, the corporate paradigm shifted. The ladder was yanked out from underneath them and they found themselves standing on the street, bruised, demoralized, unemployed and in a state of total shock.

Now, I know most people would say, “The problem is the corporation’s lack of loyalty” … but this is not the case. A job doesn\’t owe you anything. People work at a job or for an employer in a mutual sort of relationship, but that doesn\’t mean that one or the other party is utterly responsible for the other party’s livelihood. Ninety-some percent of the population keeps getting the same results—year in, year out!

This is as true for students in school as it is for the person in business. If there is an improvement in the performance of most people, it’s generally minimal—just a blip on the screen and not enough to make any substantial difference in a person’s life-style.

Is there a problem? An enormous problem! It’s called paradigms.

You are going to be delighted to learn that just changing a very small part of the old paradigm can make an enormous difference in the results you can enjoy in every area of your life.

Think of the areas in your life that money affects. Imagine shifting your paradigm there to substantially increase your income before year’s end. If you have difficulty meeting people and you alter the paradigm so that it’s easy and enjoyable to meet people, this could have quite an impact on your life.

These are just two examples of hundreds that could be done in YOUR life. Today!

There will be no permanent change in your life until the paradigm has been changed. Choose one or two limiting ideas that are part of your paradigm and replace them with ideas that represent freedom to you. Consciously keep those new thoughts in your head, and act as if those thoughts are already embedded in the foundation of your life.

It takes a high degree of courage to live with the contradictions between our old views and whole new horizons of living (especially when what we’re currently doing may need substantial “undoing”). Human beings aren’t genetically encoded with just one way of seeing things or one way of doing things—it’s not a matter of finding a better paradigm, but a matter of being able to move among them. It’s not a matter of getting rid of our knowledge and experience. It’s a matter of getting our blind spots out of the way so there is nothing between us and what we’re engaging with. 

Before you know it – you life will be transformed – and dramatically! The idea that we have a choice, or a say in the matter, is a central precept of transformation.

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