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Close But No Cigar!

Well…we tried…we almost made it… close but no cigar…

Perseverance!!! That\’s what we need.

Sometimes when the going gets tough the tough give up.  They throw in their cards, they fold \’em.

Many people have a default setting of: If at first you don\’t succeed: Self-destruct!

There is the famous story about a gold mine somewhere in America.  The people knew the gold was there, they were digging and digging but…nothing.

They gave up!  They sold the land.

The people who bought the land dug three feet away from where the previous miners had dug…They struck gold.

The first lot of miners had no idea just how close they were to striking gold when they gave up!

When you think about giving in, giving up, throwing in your cards, folding them, cashing your chips in…whatever way you want to dress up the fact that you have given up, think of this…

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