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Celebrate a Life

Tonight I shall go and have a drink for Margaret Thatcher\’s life. I shall raise my glass to the night sky, and THANK HER, and celebrate her life. A large Talisker, her tipple.

Some people seem to have a very strange view of history. So here are a few little nuggets with how and more specifically WHY a lot of industries were destroyed by her, and what\’s more, …destroyed with the MANDATE OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE.

The seventies were blighted by the trade unions waiting for winter and then coming out on strike at it\’s heart. Holding the country to ransom for ANNUAL pay rises of up to 36% ABOVE inflation. This was the likes of Scargill and co. And they bled us dry. We were bankrupted by them. And then the Winter of Discontent happened. And they ALL came out. Miners, power workers, transport workers; even funeral directors, everything tied into the TGWU came out. One of my Grandparents lay on a slab for 2 months waiting to be buried. The entire country was a ruin. Rubbish not collected for months, rats everywhere. And the unions laughed, and brought down Callaghan\’s Labour Government.

And Thatcher stood up at the General Election and made ONE SIMPLE PROMISE.


She won a landslide. On that promise.  And she became the last elected Prime Minister to actually hold true to her election promise. She did exactly what she said. She utterly destroyed the unions. Obliterated them. The cost was those industries. We knew that would be the price. But we would not allow them to hold us to ransom again. What she did, she did with our BLESSING. The socialists and people who backed those strikes have only themselves to blame for what happened.

Baroness Thatcher didn\’t destroy those industries and communities for fun or as part of a class war. She did it to stop them holding the country to ransom again. And then she held the purse strings tight and re-built the economy and the country and Britain again stood tall and thrived. And we won back the global respect we had lost while the left wing ruled.

In the Falklands they were thankful for her being in office. Those who went \’south\’ in \’82 did so knowing they had a leader who would not – and did not- interfere. She sent the military and allowed them to do their job. Gave them money, the equipment and most of all THE FREEDOM to get the job done. Our lands had been invaded. We had a gun up our nose. SHE led us.

Frankly Thatcher took a very broken Britain by the hand like a strict old fashioned Matron and LED THE COUNTRY BACK TO WHERE IT HAD ONCE BEEN.

We were the worlds 3rd major power in ALL respects. And as for the world, it has NEVER been safer than when Thatcher was in Downing Street, Reagan was in the White House and Gorbachev was in the Kremlin as the three spoke DAILY.

They laid the ground for the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Russians were TERRIFIED of her. And the world again feared/ respected Britain.

And lets not forget that she gave people the full right to buy their own council property. Her vision was that the TENNANT and the tennant alone could buy that property.As soon as her party stabbed her in the back the feeding frenzy began as under her the famous Tory grandee greed was held in check. So they stabbed her, led by the europro traitor Heseltine – who didn\’t have the guts to face her openly and alone – they arranged her removal. And we have been a broken patsy for europe ever since.

So yes, tonight I will celebrate the life of Baroness Thatcher, with thanks, with respect, and with sadness, because she allowed me to know what we could be, what we could achieve, what it meant to be BRITISH.  She Didn\’t just LEAD Britain.  She SAVED Britain.  She made Britain GREAT again, and all we have done since she was removed from power, is let \’them\’ mess it up again.

RIP Baroness Thatcher…and THANK YOU!  No one else in the Government has the nerve to do what you did.

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