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Capello and England or Capello v England?

Move the team into their right positions…get rid of the 4-4-2…put Rooney up front and put Green back in goal. Attack, attack, attack, throw EVERYTHING into the penalty area…England have nothing to lose and ALL to win, including the fans respect!

According to my good friend, Peter Shram: \”I\’ve always said that whatever Capello thinks is best we should all shut up and let him get on with it, but when it\’s obvious it\’s not working on the pitch like it does in training he ought to let the players play where they feel more comfortable; to do what\’s best for the team, rather than his own stubborn ego.\”   I couldn\’t put it better myself.

Capello is a great GREAT Manager, probably, in my opinion, the best for England right now.  The only area of concern is the lack of flexibilty.  In NLP it is well know that: The person with flexibility within the situation CONTROLS the situation.  This is what Fab has to do.  Put the players where they work best, put Rooney up front and change from 4-4-2.  If he doesn\’t, I fear he will be Fab no more!

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