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\’Amateurs\’ Solve What Experts Can\’t

Some people say that success needs a visionary mind-set.   Truth is, LIFE needs a visionary mind-set.

We need to see possibility all around us.  Why should we be settling for the status quo when we could be looking for another way because we know that there has to be one?

We were born to stand out.  But, if we want to stand out we have to be Out-Standing!

Outstanding people never settle for safe, near or convenient answers because that is what most people do and the results are always within range of the same. 

Our Commitment to be outstanding means that we push the limits of everything.  Outstanding people see what is possible without caring about the impossible.

A different mindset, without the constraints and so called protocols of what ‘should’ be done based on rules acquired means that all things are possible.  

This is why \’Amateurs\’ can solve more problems than experts.

Amateurs are not interested in rules, regulations, protocols and limits.  They are only interested in results.  If the limits and protocols preclude you from achieving or solving something, push the limit, alter the rules and realign the protocols.  The result is all that matters.  We need to be the same.  We have to come from a position of having no preconceived ideas or any understanding and acceptance of limitations.

We have to make a stand and be and act in new ways, to risk what we already know for something beyond the predictable. Our Strength and Creativity generates Energy and Excitement that attracts others to take part or even see the possibilities we have uncovered and make their own journey to success.

Stepping out of the constraints of our circumstances, we realise that life begins where our comfort zone ends.  We don’t create an image of what’s possible against who we’ve been or what’s in the past, what’s predictable or expected.  The past has only brought us to this moment, now, here.  It cannot take us further.  Only we can take ourselves forward into the future and towards what we  see as possible. Conditions and circumstances begin to reorder and realign themselves inside of us and what we stand for. Our relationship to possibility moves from an ideal objective to a viable, living reality.

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