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Now this is a very important ‘thing’ to grasp.

How many ‘normal’ people mix with their ‘normal\’ friends?

When they go on holiday they go on their ‘normal\’ package deals to the usual \’normal\’ places. Year-in year-out.

They have their \’normal\’ mortgage, and they pay into their \’normal\’ pension fund all of their \’normal\’ working life.

Then they retire at the \’normal\’ retirement age.

Suddenly they’re 90, they are dying and they look back on their very \’normal\’ lives. Now at that moment in their time ‘normal’ becomes boring.

Boring becomes a waste of time. Their life becomes a waste of time. And they wish they hadn\’t been so ‘normal’. You’re going to die anyway. So you may as well make your life as exciting as possible. When you have free time use it well. I do not advocate a normal life.

I advocate an AB-NORMAL life.

Something to be proud of and something others point at!

Don’t veg-out in front of the TV. Go somewhere different. Do something different. Something exciting. Talk to “mad” people, say “mad” things, do “mad” things…after all, as far as we know, you only live once.

Unless you happen to be James Bond in which case you only live twice!

But that is down to good scriptwriters. You write your own script!!

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