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A Ship is meant to Sail the Seas

As I sit an look out from the balcony of my hotel suite in St Helier I can see this view on the right

So many boats, from small speedboats to Sunseeker powerboats and larger, are docked here.  Many people live on board their boats and yachts over here in Jersey in the Channel Islands.

I have heard that some of the boats, like a few of the ones moored in Marbella and Puerto Banus, have had their engines removed to allow for the installation of a second or third bedroom.

The ones that still have a working engine, but sit idle in the harbour, are at the greatest risk.  A ship, boat or yacht is meant to be at sea. 

If left in dock, unused, not taken to its fullest capacity on the sea, it will deteriorate.  Not only that, but it will deteriorate at a far more rapid rate than if it was sailed every single day.  It is meant to be used, enjoyed, and out of the safety or calm of the harbour.

Do you sit in your own personal harbour?  Are you a leader that is office bound by choice?  Do you believe that your team should be out sailing around while you wait patiently for their return?  Perhaps you choose to stay in port, never venturing out into the world?

Have you considered the damage this is doing to you? 

You are a leader.  You are a salesperson.  You are….well, whatever you do for a living, you have to realise a cold hard fact.

If you do not leave the confines of the dock your skills will deteriorate faster than a boat will deteriorate if it is never taken out of the port.

The brain is a muscle, it needs to be exercised.  The same goes for your talents, your knowledge and your ability.  You need to use it, engage with people and make change on a day to day consistant basis.

Don\’t end up in dry dock.  POWER UP, GO OUT ON THE SEA AND USE YOUR SKILLS NOW!

#HPT #HumanPotentialTechnology #Transformation

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