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A Million Pound/Dollar/Euro Lesson

“Always carry a notebook”:

Aristotle Onassis.

Why? Simple. You try and remember everything you see and hear on a daily basis. There are so many ideas, bits of information, names, words, slogans, websites and people that pass through your mind that you will never remember them. If you see as many people as I do, and speak to as many people as I do, on a daily basis then you would realize that a Journal or notebook is invaluable.

I don\’t mean a computer or iPad either. I mean a Journal or Notebook that you write in by hand.

This is the single most valuable piece of advice I have ever had.

I carry a black moleskin notebook at all times and I always have a small black moleskin notebook in a jacket pocket. Sometimes it\’s an A4 size legal notebook with perforated pages that can be torn out and filed.  I always carry a pen but if you want to, go into any betting shop or catalogue showroom that has those little pens for customers use, grab a handful and put one in the pocket of every jacket you own.

I then read what I have written at the end of the day or week, or if I am taking a break or being driven somewhere in the car and all the stuff I think I need to keep I transfer into an A4 size Journal.

I have about 20 of those…full.

Not only did Onassis live by this belief but so too does Richard Branson. (Click his name to read his thoughts on notetaking!)  Everywhere he goes he carries a notebook.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to remember EVERYTHING you think and read and hear.

You can watch something, listen to something or experience something but if you WRITE IT DOWN it becomes hardwired into your brain. What\’s more…you start to understand it a lot better if you write it down.

I went and saw my friend Ross Jeffries one day in London when he was presenting a training program and he wanted to chat over Lunch. I had taken with me, in my bag, one of my journals from four years earlier when he had spoken to a group before and I had been there.

(I make a hell of a lot of notes)

During the afternoon session he started to tell the group of a poem he had written many years ago, a funny one about Speed Seduction and NLP techniques…but he couldn\’t remember it!

Out came the journal and he was amazed to see it written there from four years ago. Afterwards he told me \’Jeez, that journal is impressive\’.

I was impressed he could read my handwriting!!!

The point is this. If you get an idea, write it down. If you hear a remark and think it\’s interesting, write it down.

Whenever you engage in any form of interaction, if you use persuasion, speed seduction, embedded commands, language patterns, sales pitches…write down everything.

What do I mean?

1. Where you were. If you went to a coffee shop write down \’went to coffee shop\’!!!

2. Name of person you spoke to.

3. What you said.

4. responses.

5. Outcome.

Then…yes, you read it back and analyse it.

\”When you meet someone, write down everything you know about them. That way you know how much time to give them next time.\” – Aristotle Onassis Write down everything. Phone numbers, web addresses, names, tips, ideas, plans, phrases…. I guarantee that if you don’t write it down you will try to remember it later and that’s all you will do, ‘try’. Believe me, \’try\’ is a very bad word and you need to eliminate it from your vocabulary.

You won’t remember it if you haven\’t written it down. If, by some miracle you do manage to remember what you wanted to remember, I also guarantee that something else will drop out of your memory to make way for it.

Want to risk it? No, I didn\’t think you would!

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