A Letter From A Prisoner

I have just received a letter from a man who was at the last presentation.  I won\’t name him but he was sentenced to 6 years for insurance fraud.

He had been a fraudster for 20 years previously, and always in and out of prison.  Most of the time he was coerced into crime by those around him.  But no more…here is the letter…

\”Another beautiful day for me here in paradise! I have done exactly what you told us all and now look at the reality of the situation.  

Now…when I look at the situation I tell people what I see…no stress in your life. You have nothing. NO material things. NO debt. NO bills. NO house/apartment. NO cell phone. NO job. NO bank account. NO credit cards. NO responsibility. NO appointments. NO phone calls you have to make. NO car. NO personal possessions. NO worries. And your food is provided FREE. You have a clean warm safe place to stay, your own private room with all amenities,,FREE. Everything is paid for. If you need to see the dentist, it is FREE. Medical visits…FREE. EVERYTHING you NEED is FREE and taken care of! 

You have no decisions to make, everything is provided for you. You now have TOTAL freedom! 

This is what I have now. 

I am in the perfect environment to do what I have been wanting to do my whole life and I need to do to take me to the next level. I can focus. I am getting complete clarity. I am shaping energy. I am plugging into the ether, the universal field and downloading knowledge and information that I could never access before, but now I can! 

I am clearing patterns that I have never been able to clear. I am releasing abilities that I have never been able to release but I knew were always there. I am accessing source energy like never before. I am in total BLISS! If they told me I could leave today, I would say NO! I am not finished yet with what I need and WANT to accomplish! LOL For me, right now, life is wonderful. 

Focus on MY dreams. Don’t let anyone tell me how I should be living my life. I am following my BLISS.  

I will never do anything to put me back in here because I finally realise, I don\’t need to!  Thanks.\”

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