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2013 Resolution


One whole year. Last seen yesterday.

Contains uncertainty, lazyness and no achievement.

Could you place an ad like that on January 1st 2013?

Be ashamed!! Be very ashamed. 2012 is the year the world ended.

2012 is the year the Mayans said it was going to be \’game over\’.



2012 is nearly ended.

2012 is nearly over.

BUT…it had nothing to do with Myans/ Shmayans

It\’s New Years Day soon. What are you doing about it?

Plan ahead! You don\’t need the end of the world being averted to realise that you are standing on the starting line of a whole new opportunity.

Do you wake up and say \’I can\’t wait to be mediocre today!\’. I could tell you to get a life but why don\’t you just change the one you have?

Is watching TV tonight going to earn you money? Get you new clients? Expand your business? NO! So…Turn off the tube and get out your Notebook/ Planner!

If you are sitting there thinking \’Wow, a whole year ahead of me\’? I guarantee you will soon be saying \’Where the hell did that year go?\’ And you will say that sooner than you think!

Hold on…ARE you sitting there thinking \’Wow, a whole year ahead of me\’?  Have you ever had a deja vu feeling?  Didn\’t you say that LAST year?

What are you doing today? Watching TV? Reading the paper? Sleeping? Get off your ass and make a to do list and put a deadline in there!

2013 can be the best year ever if you make it so!

Go and do it. I am!

\”Those who merely hope that conditions will change, their luck turn, or the person in front of or above them will either retire or die, merely see instead the success of those who grasp the opportunity of the present.  If you waste the valuable time of today, awaiting the promise of tomorrow, you will inevitably, always, be second the the person who, yesterday, prepared for today!\” Dave Moore

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