The Very Authentic Emelia Sam

Someone who has caught my professional interest is the very talented Emelia Sam.  We met online in a couple of Twitter forums and I immediately recognised her as someone with a great insight into personal and spiritual development and a talent for helping people.

Her website is and you will find a wealth of information and tips on how to live an authentic life.

These are her areas of expertise, though I am sure they are not all of them:


  1. Mind/Body/Spirit

  2. Personal Growth

  3. Spirituality

  4. Self-Esteem


  1. Scriptless Living: Getting the Life That You Want

  2. Unlocking Your Greatness

  3. Shine: The Ninth Ray of Greatness

  4. Extracting Wisdom 24/7: The Lessons Behind Everyday Ordinary

  5. Authenticity in the Age of Reality TV and Social Media

Emelia is a great presenter with a funny, engaging conversational style.  One look at the videos on her site will prove that.

I would suggest you take a look and sign up for her newsletter.

She can be found on twitter here: @emeliasam

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