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Human Beings have unlimited potential.


We all have an inner ability that will remain dormant

throughout our lives unless we tap into it. I believe that

a Human Potential Technology program can free the mind,

the spirit and the body. I do not buy into the belief that we

only use a third of our brains.  I believe we use all of our brains, but only parts of the brain at any one time.


We are a collection of beings that can evolve, or progress, or remain stagnant. It is our choice but sometimes a person comes along who shakes you up, makes you think differently, scares you, antagonises you, compels you to take on board their ideas and thoughts. There is a deep paradox or contradiction in getting people to take action.  It is hard-wired into the brain over millions of years evolution and each one of us has a collection of moments building on one another and gaining momentum can be difficult.  


The basic tenet of every computer game is ‘you will be killed if you stand still. It’s the same with life, and business.


It is my goal to make a constant, forward moving, powerful change in myself and in the world around me by pushing beyond limits set by other people who believe they know best.  I choose to live in a world, a paradigm, where ANYTHING is possible.  Anyone who tells me that something cannot be done is really telling me they don’t know how to do that something.


As a student of Iconoclastic thought I am amazed at how often I am told something can not be done when I have been doing it for ages.  I live an abnormal life in an outstanding world.  I see normality of thought and action, of rules and ‘we always do things like this’ as limits, perimeter fences, which must be removed.  I seek to transcend the commonality and the norm.


One of the factors of the REGENERETICS training is the directness.


The confrontational manner in which the training is presented shocks some people at the very start. After a while they take the loud, direct, powerful and confrontational manner of the training to be the norm. They don't get 'used' to it...they simply accept it as 'that's how it is'.


I have always believed that the training has to be that way. It has always had that element of confrontation, wherever and to whoever I have presented it. A Seminar room with paying attendees or within a maximum security prison, the format is ALWAYS the same, because it works.It is a wake up call and there must be a shock to the system to jolt the recipient of the training into change, reaction, self questioning and accountability. The context of the training program, indeed the context of the training environment we create (in essence, the space for HPT to be completely effective) is a strict regime.


This in itself is unusual as it puts a group of people into an environment where the contextual frame and content is far removed from what they are used to on a quotidian basis.


Most people work from within a contextual framework. Unfortunately, this frame is too limiting for them on a long term basis. Like a comfort zone, unless it is stretched and widened, no growth can take place or be achieved.Life begins where your comfort zone ends!When some people see an accident on the motorway where people die horribly and one can see the blood and mangled car and, in some cases the people, some people will faint. Unfortunately, human nature means that people in other cars will slow down to have a look at the accident because they don't want to miss any experience. In truth, they are just nosey.


They feel entitled to see. The excitement takes over but then another feeling kicks in for many of them, they feel faint, nauseous and they pass out.Anyone watching surgery for the first time will likely as not faint. Anyone watching any medical procedure, from an autopsy to a minor operation, will feel, or may indeed, faint.The reason is because the scene they are witnessing sits outside of the contextual framework they live in.A surgeon, a traffic cop, a paramedic...they see this every single day, so it is WITHIN their quotidian Contextual Framework.


The REGENERETICS program is not unusual to us because it sits within our contextual frame. Some of the questions, presentations, directness, and even the training process itself is so far outside the context of the people taking the training it allows us to cut through the barriers, obstructions and masks that people wear on a daily basis.


We speak to the real person. Not who you are at the time, or who you think they are. We talk to who you REALLY are, behind all the masks and stuff that hides that.  Our authenticity is our contextual framework. We sit outside your context and then we enter your framework and THIS allows us to strip you Back to Nothing, speak to the real you, and help you Transform.


"This is all about becoming the person you were DESTINED to be! You need to release the REAL you! That's right! The REAL you, the one that you were, the one that all this useless 'stuff' is hiding.......We need to strip you back. Back to that the person you were meant to be recognizes the person you really are, and takes you into a future of endless possibility!"

~ Dave Moore

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