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You have NO Limitations

We tend to set our own limitations.

Usually they are based upon five of our senses.

Something we SEE. Something we HEAR. Something we TASTE. Something we SMELL. Something we TOUCH.

Why did I say 5 of our senses?  Because the commonly held definition of a “sense” is “any system that consists of a group of sensory cell types that respond to a specific physical phenomenon and that corresponds to a particular group of regions within the brain where the signals are received and interpreted.

Our senses total up to around 21.  The main 5 Senses listed above are always quoted but we tend to ignore or forget our sense of Balance, Thirst, Hunger, Fear, Pressure…the list of Senses is quite large.

But our self imposed limits are the issue.  We create an image or idea in our minds, a business we want to start, an amount of money we want to make or a relationship that we would like to have and if it is bigger and better than our current results we tend, on most occasions, to believe that we cannot do it.

Truth is, if we couldn\’t do it, we would not have been able to make the picture in our mind in the first place.

Again, going back to the 5 primary senses, when people are reading something in the newspaper, seeing something on TV, hearing conversations other people are having, they are mostly talking about why something can\’t be done.

If we engage with that information we set our self-imposed limit.  

If you are going to allow what you do and achieve to be based upon what you hear then you better make sure that the people telling you are getting phenomenal results.

Would you take financial advice from someone who is broke?

Would you go and see a sick doctor to get healthy?

Choose who you listen to very carefully.

When you get an idea in your mind, don\’t ask if it is right or wrong.  The question you should ask is \’will that idea take me from where I am and move me toward my goal?\’  If it won\’t, it will certainly take you in the other direction, because it won\’t let you stay where you are.

When someone gives us a suggestion that takes us in any direction other than the one that we want to go we have the ability of consciously and objectively reject that idea.

But when we take that idea sitting in our conscious mind and turn it over to our unconscious mind it manifests in the physical body and we act upon it.

The context in which we have to create in is far greater than the self imposed limit we have given ourselves consciously.  The area of unused potential is far far greater in size than we first imagine.

We have no limitations.  

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