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You and the Golden Buddha

Are you similar to the Golden Buddha?  You may be more alike than you think!!

Anyone who has been to Bangkok in Thailand will know that one of the best attractions, and one of the most inspiring things you can do is to go and visit the Golden Buddha.

The origins of this statue are uncertain. It is made in the Sukhothai Dynasty style of the 13th-14th centuries, though it could have been made after that time.  Later, the statue was probably moved from Sukhothai to Ayutthaya, about 1403.  Some scholars believe the statue is mentioned in the somewhat controversial Ram Khamhaeng stele. In lines 23-27 of the first stone slab of the stele, \”a gold Buddha image\” is mentioned as being located \”in the middle of Sukhothai City,\” interpreted as being a reference to the Wat Traimit Golden Buddha.

At some point, the statue was completely plastered over to prevent it from being stolen. The statue was covered with a thick layer of stucco, which was painted and inlaid with bits of coloured glass.

It is believed that this plastering over took place before the destruction of Ayutthaya kingdom by Burmese invaders in 1767. The statue remained among the ruins of Ayutthaya without attracting much attention.

In 1801, Thai King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke (Rama I), after establishing Bangkok as a new capital city of the Kingdom, and after commissioning the construction of many temples in Bangkok, ordered that various old Buddha images should be brought to Bangkok from the ruined temples around the country.

At the time of King Rama III (1824-1851), the statue, still covered with stucco, was installed as the principal Buddha image in the main temple building of Wat Chotanaram in Bangkok.

When Wat Chotanaram, located near Chinatown, fell into disrepair and was closed, the statue was moved to its present location at the nearby Wat Traimit in 1935. At the time, Wat Traimit was a pagoda of minor relevance (like hundreds of other Buddhist temples that exist in Bangkok). Since the temple didn\’t have a building big enough to house the statue, it was kept for 20 years under a simple tin roof. The true identity of this statue had been forgotten for almost 200 years.

In 1954, a new Viharn building was built at the temple to house the statue. It was being moved to its new location on 25 May 1955 and there are a variety of accounts of what exactly happened next, but it is clear that during the final attempt to lift the statue from its pedestal, the ropes broke, and the statue fell hard on the ground. At that moment, some of the plaster coating chipped off, allowing the gold surface underneath to be seen. Work was immediately stopped so that an evaluation could be made.

All the plaster was carefully removed and during the process, photos were taken, and are now displayed in the Temple for visitors. What was left, after the removal of that protection layer, was a giant Golden Buddha that had been hidden from sight.

Here is the connection.  Are you the same as the Golden Buddha?  Have you been covered over by an impenetrable shield, layer after layer, over many years, until your pure brilliance was hidden from the world.  Are you living your life from behind a mask.  From behind layers of barriers, shields and covers because over the years you have acquired all manner of limiting beliefs, random ideas and general everyday rubbish that society tells you is ‘the norm’ so you took it on board and now it has become part of you?

Could it be something even simpler?  Are you pretending to be someone you are not?

Inside you is something the world needs.  Inside you is the REAL you and the HPT-Transformation seminar can unleash your true self by removing the barriers, the shields and the layers of unuseable and pointless masking that you have built up again and again over the years.  Inside of all of that, is you, a shining golden true version of you, the person you were destined to be.   The HPT-Transformation Seminar is coming to America, Europe and to London in 2016.  More dates  to follow.

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