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Within you lies the answer.

Motivation is one of those things that comes from within. 

External help is just that: help.  There has to be the desire within to be/get motivated, some impetus that makes you want to change.

I can help you. Others can help you. That\’s all it is.  Help, assistance, aid, call it what you want.  The only person who can \’do it\’ for you is YOU!

No one can \’Happy\’ you into being Happy. 

No one can eat for you when you are hungry.

No one can drink for you when you are thirsty.

No one can read and study for you if you want to learn something.

No one can run for you for your fitness regime.

..Motivation is exactly the same. 

You have to take action and start the process yourself.

Self help books can\’t do it for you.  They can only help you, the clue is in the name.  In fact, they should be called \’shelf\’ help books because that\’s where they end up, on a shelf, because you lost interest or motivation to read past page 22.

A great coach doesn\’t tell you what to do: they show you where the answer is for you to discover it.

But first, you have to want or need to find it.

If the need, or the desire, isn\’t there then no amount of help will \’help\’.

So if you want to be motivated, successful, fit, happy, healthy, wealthy or wise…start by looking within…because you have to really want it.

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