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Thoughts of a Dragon

Firstly, a big thanks to my friend Steve Drake for jogging my memory of this fine book by a great man.

Steve is a top rate Martial Artist as you will find if you click HERE.

Bruce Lee was not only the most influential and greatest Martial Artist who ever lived but he studied Philosophy and Psychology and his writings have been published in a series of books and this one Striking Thoughts – Wisdom for Daily Living is my favourite of them all.

A post on Steve\’s Facebook page reminded me to flick through the pages again. I have read this book over ten times since I bought it two years ago. Each time I read something I have read before but because of my mindset I read into it differently and the meaning comes alive.

For example:

Bruce Lee on Motivation:….. Your Mind Determines the Effect. It is not what happens in our life that is important, it\’s how we react to what happens.

That quote is just one of thousands that hit home. It was written long before the well known NLP phrase, Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning you give it. And again:….. Become what you think. What you habitually think largely determines what you will ultimately become.

This is the sales mantra, Fake It until you Make It!

It is also very closely linked with the Positive Mental Atitude teachings of Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor etc….but this is Positive Mental Attitude training from Bruce Lee.

Wisdom like this is on every page:….. •\”Remember, I am no teacher; I can merely be a signpost for a traveler who is lost\” •\”The ideal teacher – not \’what\’ to think, but \’how\’ to think. •\”Defeat simply tells me that something is wrong in my doing – it is a path to success and truth\” •\”Where method is, freedom is not\”

Four superb lessons are these:….. 1.Take my words and do with them what you will. Your milage may vary.. 2.Observe and explore my process, not my content. 3.Failure is not only to be expected, but welcomed and even celebrated. 4.If you didn\’t hear me the first time, reread 1, 2, & 3!!

I would recommend anyone in personal development to grab a copy of this fine book. And check out Steve Drakes website too. Click the link above or HERE.

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