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The Universe Is Holding You Back?

Sometimes the Universe holds a big hand up telling us to stop, wait or go back. It\’s as if the universe doesn\’t want us to get on or progress.

But wait a moment.  Look at it another way.

What if these challenges or \’problems\’ are sent as a sign to tell us, \’Not yet!\’ or \’Wait a moment\’.

It is more likely that the Universe has a bigger better plan in store for us.

If you feel like you are being pulled back, like the Universe has some ulterior motive, you are right.

\”An arrow can only be fired at a target after it has been pulled back. The Universe is pulling you back and you are the arrow!\”

The Universe is constantly bombarding us with opportunity, sorrow, pleasure, good things and bad. It will never stop.

Take death.  If we deal with death badly, don\’t worry, another death will come along for us to deal with. Same with strife, worry, concern.  If we deal with negative things badly, it will send more until such time as we are strong and able to deal with it.

It will send great, wonderful, meaningful things to us too that we will enjoy; though some people have a difficulty dealing with the good stuff. Guess what? The universe will send more good stuff to them until they are used to handling it.

Sometimes, when we are about to gain a big success in our life, it doesn\’t happen.  Why?  Because there is an even bigger, more fulfilling success on its way and this time, it is the right one.  Remember: You are the Arrow!

It is all a learning curve that we are on. A constant never ending journey towards self realization and actualization so that one day, when the universe calls us to join it…we are ready.

The universe has no concept of rules or protocols. It doesn\’t care if you are busy, it doesn\’t care if you are ill, it doesn\’t care if you are overloaded, it will still present you with opportunity; opportunity to grow.  It only cares that you get what you want, learn what you need and do what you were born to do.

If we take everything that is given, sent or dumped on our doorstep in a visual, auditory, kinesthetic, intuitive way then we will get it. 

‘Getting it’ is everything. 

How we \’get it\’ is immaterial.  The Universe knows the right time.

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