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The Regeneretics Centre for HPT-Transformation and Self Awareness

Many people have asked me why I am not presenting some of the HPT-Transformation seminars and programs next year.  The answer is very simple and in two parts. Firstly: I have trained two of my team to teach the seminar in my absence.  I am totally confident that they will do an excellent job.  In fact, only a while ago they presented the program in California to great success, satisfaction and acclaim. The seminar is not, and has never been, about me.  The program is a culmination of learnings, research and experience over many years and although I admit, it\’s construction, content and style is all mine, I believe that my trainers can present it as if it is me there instead of them, and add their own delivery and style to it.   Secondly: My plan has always been to open a retreat, a place of calm, relaxation, meditation and learning and the plan is now coming to fruition. With the suitable property purchased and the renovation taking place now, I will be offering residential courses at a retreat deep in the Kent countryside in the United Kingdom from February 2016.

The Regeneretics Centre will serve all people, backgrounds, beliefs, and for all levels of need.  The focus is on providing a safe environment for teaching HPT-Transformation, care, empowerment, the clearing of barriers, masks, emotions and balancing of body, mind and spirit for all who desire peace, harmony, health and progress.

Human Potential Technology is a Transformational model to help you build the life you want, and be the person you were destined to be. 

The Centre includes a main training room, relaxation areas, 8 bedrooms, library, rest areas, meditation areas, grounds with a lake and access to walks in the countryside.

\”We did not come into this world with beliefs. Once upon a time, you and I were in intimate contact with reality and simply flowed with it. Then little by little we assimilated beliefs, constructed our prison bars and gave up that freedom we were born with. But no more! It is time, for Transformation\”

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