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The Propulsion System

Any power that you consciously or unconsciously acknowledge or engage with within yourself is a function of your internal propulsion system.  This can be transmuted into your power being a function of the rate your propulsion system moves your intention into reality.

It is quite common for us to disempower or weaken ourselves by discovering ways to slow, impede and make more complex and difficult than necessary the process of powering our intention into reality

There are two contributing factors relating to the disempowerment of ourselves.

The first is the domain of being reasonable. We deal with our intentions or act to realize our intentions from a context of being reasonable.  This means we are in the domain of working slow, permitting impediment and complicating issues. When we work from a standpoint of story or the narrative, the explanations, the justifications, there is no propulsion, velocity, speed, or power.

Results are black and white, acceptable or not, good or bad. In life, one either has results, which is signified by our intentions realized, or one has the reason, story, explanations, and justifications for it not being realized. The person of power does not deal in explanations. This way of being might be termed management by results (not management for results but management by results). The person of power manages him or herself by results and creates a space or mood of results in which to interact with others.

The other factor to be addressed is time. Now never seems to be the right time to act. The right time is always in the future, unless we check ourselves on that train of thought. Usually this appears in the guise of “after I/you/we do \’X\’ then it will be the right time to act”; or “after \’X\’ occurs, then it will be the right time to act”; or “when \’X\’ occurs, then it will be the right time to act.” The guise includes “gathering all the facts,” “getting the plan outlined,” “figuring out ‘X’,” “getting ready,” etc.

Since now is the only time you have in reality and now will never seem to be the right time to act, one may as well act now.

Even though “it isn’t the right time,” given that the “right time” will never come, acting now is, at the least, powerful (even if you don’t get to be right).

Most people wait for the decisive moment, whereas people of power are decisive in the moment.

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