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The Event is the Event

\”Do I need to come back for an update?\” is a question I get asked when anyone is considering coming to one of our events.

I never get asked it afterwards!

The simple answer is \’only if you choose to\’.

I love seeing people and hearing from people who have been to one of our events and hearing about how their lives have changed.

It always gives me satisfaction that the work we do is of worth.

When people feel they are compelled to come back for a second or third event then I am honoured but it should really only be because the events are the same but with different content, and they want to find out more.  There should be no need to come back again to make the previous seminar work!

We have a formal structure, a series of circumstances within a contextual framework that we proceed through to reach a personal transformation for the audience.  What happens WITHIN that framework is different every time and is down to the audience: their speed, their ability to question, their comments and interactions.  Each seminar has content, experiences and even training that is different from the last time and that will alter the plan for the next.  It is a constantly evolving entity…just like the universe.

I don\’t offer a 15 DVD plus workbook that you \’must have\’ to make the three day event work, only for you to realise that, at the end of the DVD, you have to buy more and more product. The event is the event.

There is going to be a lot of additional product available, books, newsletters and CD/DVD sets, but none of it will need to be bought to make any other product work.  That is NOT the way we work.

We are all the same, in our own unique way.  People learn, understand, advance and move forward at different rates of speed and in different ways.  No \’one size fits all\’ system works.  If people feel they should come and see us again, or buy the CD/ DVD or books then that is their choice.  I have a real problem with trainers who make people buy things to make other things they have bought work.

I know that many years ago when we bought something it was built to last.  I have a clock in my office that was made in 1907 and it works just as well today as it did then.  It chimes each quarter and gives a full Westminster chime on the hour.  If it was made today it would need replacing in a few years!

The training is the same as that clock in my office.

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