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The DIFFERENCE MAKERS Show Thursday May 28th 2015

Becoming Who You Are Destined To Be… Tomorrow Belongs To YOU!

Brought to you by: #DifferenceMakersMedia

Are you ready for a #transformational breakthrough in your business or personal life?

What would it be like to experience a major shift? How do you change your belief systems to become who you are destined to be?

I\’m delighted to welcome special guest +Dave Moore, the Founder and Creator of HPT-Transformation and Regeneretics, who will provide an inside look into human potential technology.

Get prepared for understanding the real \”you\” behind the hidden layers of masks. Indeed, this session is going to be powerful! In fact, I\’m going to predict you\’ll find it compelling!

Dave will be sharing a blueprint for success that has transformed the lives of thousands of people from around the world.

Hear Dave\’s personal story. Understand how to expand human potential through attitudinal skills. Assess your belief systems. And learn his empowerment techniques.

Get ready to free the mind, body and spirit with ideas and experiences that compel you to think differently.

For nearly 25 years, Dave has been the creator of innovative ideas and models of individual, organizational, and social transformation. (

His work has been the source of new perspectives for thinkers and practitioners in fields as diverse as business, education, philosophy,#PersonalTransformation , conflict resolution, and community building.

Dave has a reputation for creating breakthroughs to transformation. He is known as \”The Results Guy.\”

He uses his psychology and NLP training, along with years of experiential training, including fire-walking, glass-walking and training with shamans and spiritual masters.

Dave believes human beings have unlimited potential, and we all have inner ability that remains dormant unless we tap into it. So, now is the time to move forward!

Dave will provide us with his blend of refined knowledge, encompassing the most ancient rituals with cutting-edge, contemporary methods of transformation.

His style of teaching is experiential, vibrant and direct with a delivery like a mix between a TV evangelist and a standup comedian.

Dave’s work connects you deeply to the real you, the authentic you.

Feeling this vibrant connection to life becomes a primary source of inspiration, energy, a new found passion for life and most importantly transformation.

Attendees to our program will be eligible for a special gift from Dave at the end of the program.

*Founder/President, #DifferenceMakersMedia *

(Established as #ParkAvenueMarketing )

Lynn\’s passion brings empowering stories to life through Strategic Attraction coaching, writing and media.

For over 25 years, Lynn has served businesses in the field of education, healthcare, the arts, social services, and the environment.

Her writing and videos have won awards, and she is also the author of the children\’s book, \”Social Justice: How You Can Make A Difference.\”

Lynn\’s upcoming book, \”Dancing With Tex: A Special Friendship\” is in process of being self-published.

Lynn\’s writing, videos and online media is dedicated to inspiring, empowering and motivating clients to achieve their highest potential by strategic storytelling and marketing.

Host & Producer, The Saturday Morning Smarties Show


Thank you for adding your +1, as well as sharing this event with your friends and colleagues!

We intend to make this program as interactive as possible, and look forward to having you join us!

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