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The Code

In Life you should have a code of conduct that you live by just as you have in business.

You should have a \’mission statement\’ for yourself so that everyone who knows you understands who you are and what you expect.  It\’s the very essence of your being.  It\’s how you walk through the world.  So…

If you feel happy, smile.

If you feel daring, act.

If you receive good service, compliment.

If you feel energetic, do something positive.

If you know a good joke, tell it.

If you feel generous, give.

If you are interested in getting wealthy, save and invest.

If someone needs help, lend them your strong hands or soft voice.

If you give your word, keep it.

If you can say something nice, say it.

If you can stand up for the weak, do it.

But, also consider this…..

If someone says something you don’t agree with, tell them.

If you see behaviour you don’t like, stop it.

If someone is rude to you or someone else, call them on their bullshit.

If someone is bad towards you, show them.

If someone lies to you, tell them you know.

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