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The Cheese is Gone….Look Elsewhere!

Are you living the life that you want to live or do you look at other people and think ‘hey, they have my life’? (Followed closely by ‘how did they get that life anyway’?)

Are you living life or just existing? (be honest!)

Do you keep doing the same thing again and again in the hope that you will get a different result? (Some people call that the definition of madness but you would be shocked at how many people do that on a consistent basis)

This isn\’t about \’Who Moved My Cheese\’. In itself a good book about team work but not what I am talking about here. No, this is about getting what you want out of your life. Realising that waiting for something to come to you will not work.

If we put a rat in a maze with four tunnels and always put cheese in the fourth tunnel, after a while that rat will learn always to go to the fourth tunnel to get cheese.

A human will learn to do that too. You want cheese? Zip zip zip down the fourth tunnel, there\’s the cheese.

Next day you want cheese? Zip zip zip down the fourth tunnel and there\’s the cheese.

Now after a while the Great Lab Technician in the Sky moves the cheese to another tunnel. Zip zip zip goes the rat to the fourth tunnel. No cheese in the fourth tunnel. The rat comes out.

Goes down the fourth tunnel again. No cheese. Comes out.

Goes down the fourth tunnel again. No cheese. Comes out.

Goes down the fourth tunnel again. No cheese. Comes out.

At this point the rat will stop going down the fourth tunnel and look elsewhere.

Now the difference between rats and human beings is simple:



HUMAN BEINGS COME TO BELIEVE IN THE FOURTH TUNNEL. Rats don\’t believe in anything; they\’re interested in cheese. But the human being develops a BELIEF in the fourth tunnel and he comes to MAKE IT RIGHT TO GO DOWN THE FOURTH TUNNEL WHETHER THERE\’S CHEESE IN IT OR NOT.

\”This is where it\’s always been, this is where it is always found, this is where it will ALWAYS be, it isn\’t here yet but it will come!\”

The human being would rather be right than get his cheese.

Could this simple fact be why, for a long time now, you haven\’t been getting any cheese and your lives aren\’t working as well as you would want them too?  Maybe you\’ve got too many beliefs in too many fourth tunnels?

Well, that\’s fine. That\’s why I created the Human Potential Technology Transformation program. By using the Regeneretics system I have created we will blow up all your life-denying, cheese-denying beliefs so that you can begin locating what you really want. We\’re going to help you throw away whole belief systems, totally tear you down so you can put yourself back together in a way that lets your life work, and lets YOU work.

It will not be easy. You\’ve been dedicated to knowing that you\’re RIGHT; your whole life is based on the principle that you\’re right. And the fact you\’re miserable, that your life doesn\’t work, that you haven’t gotten much cheese for ages — that makes no difference.  You are RIGHT.

Your belief systems are the best that money can buy or minds can create; they\’re the right belief systems and the fact that your life is all messed up is just an unfortunate and unrelated accident. Isn’t that right?

Your correct, intelligent, reasonable belief systems are directly related to your not getting any cheese. 

You\’d rather be right than be happy and you\’ve been marching down fourth tunnels for years to prove it. You know you\’ve been spending your time in empty tunnels because every now and then — accidents will happen — you experience some cheese: a freedom, a joyfulness, an aliveness so different from your usual flow that you wonder whether someone slipped something in your morning orange juice. And ‘Wow!’ you say to yourself, ‘This is great, I\’m gonna hold on to this,’ and you reach out to get a good grip on it and woosh! it disappears. The harder you try to get it back again the worse you feel.

You\’ll NEVER get it by trying to get it where it just was. The Great God of Life in the white suit is always moving the cheese. You\’ll never be happy by trying to be happy, because ‘trying’ doesn’t work.  As soon as you have an idea about what you want and exactly where it is, you\’ve ruined your chance of being happy and alive, because an idea or belief destroys experience and you are never going to be alive unless you live in the realm of experience…

The new HPT-Transformation program will not only show you, but demonstrate to you, that you can have exactly what you want, live the life that you want, and experience everything right now. Your belief systems will be broken down and re-assembled. Your perceptions of life will be changed. You may be alive, but HPT-Transformation will show you how to live!

Further announcements of the life changing seminar from HPT-Transformation will be posted soon.

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