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Strong or Weak?

I like things strong.

I like challenges.

I will take on any situation.

I have no fear.

Fear is, False Evidence Appearing Real. That\’s all.

It\’s not reality.

I know a lot of people who give it large, the big\’un, all the front. Most do it by letter or online because that\’s where they belong, in the dark, hidden, safe. Some have the nerve to do it in person but when push comes to shove, or punch, or kick…they crumble like dust.

I understand fear. I understand strength. I understand courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, it\’s the ability to act in spite of fear.

If someone is trying (thats one of their words – try(ing) – they can never \’do\’) to impose fear or frighten you. If someone is threatening you physically, verbally, business wise…so what? What can they do to you? Nothing? Well, actually, they can do something. It\’s called \’only what you let them\’.

Realise one simple fact. They are behind/ below you. So far behind you all they can dream of is being you.

In fact they are so far behind you, the only reason you can see them is because you are lapping them!

Who cares what they say or do; it doesn\’t matter, they are irrelevant.

 They don\’t know what they are doing. THATS the level of intelligence they have.

And it ain\’t much! 😉

If I gave you a present, and you said \’no thanks\’, who owns the present? That\’s right; I still do. Thats what you do with the low lifes, the scum, the idiots, the mood hoovers, the energy vampires, the people who want to hold you back, the people who want to derail you or your business.

Remember: there is no need to dream up all manner of torture for these people. No point in thinking up ways to harm them.

Why? Because anything you dream up in those dark moments when you feel that you have been sleighted or harmed will be eclipsed by the damage they will do to themselves on a regular basis.

People look at them and laugh.

There is nothing to FEAR. Be strong…they hate it, because they cant be strong…

The reason they don\’t like you is simple…it\’s because they can\’t be you!

#HPT #HumanPotentialTechnology #Transformation

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