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Getting what you want in life, or a more positive outcome at least, is just like enjoying your favourite cup of Java in the mornings.

Have you got a voice in your head telling you to do things?

Yeah, that\’s the one!  That voice in your head that just went \’Voice in my head? Ha! I am not admitting to that!\’…or maybe it went, \’Voice in my head?  Nah!\’

We all have a voice in our head.  It\’s called THINKING!

SO, there you are…thinking.  All day, thinking.  You drive to work and you are…thinking. You sit at your desk…thinking.  You drive home…thinking.

You do a lot of thinking.  We all do.  We think about good things.  We think about bad things. Good, bad, funny, sad, pointless, important.  You name it!

When you are cruising through your day, there is a voice in your head telling you stuff, telling you what to do, telling you to do things.  Don\’t panic.  You\’re not going mad.  That\’s thinking.

Are you thinking good stuff or bad stuff because you need to check.  Bad stuff can make you SO depressed you are going to believe that it isn\’t worth even attempting something.  Why?  Because you have already predetermined that failure.

Hey, do something different.  Predetermine your success.

How many times have you worried about something, like a dental appointment, only to find that there was no pain, minimum amount of work needed, and on reflection, not a too shabby way of spending your morning?

Then again, it may have hurt, you needed root canal and it wasn\’t a great experience.  But think about it.  Would worrying have changed that?  Would being negative about it have changed that?  NO!

Here is a shock: Worrying about something has never changed a damn thing in your life!

The conversations you have with yourself are the key driver to the outcome of whatever it is you are doing.

How many times have you gone into a meeting and thought, or even muttered to yourself, \’This is going to be a COMPLETE waste of time\’?  Guess what?  Yeah, it was wasn\’t it?

\’Why am I driving down here? There will be no parking spaces!\’ \’I won\’t be able to get a table at that restaurant tonight.\’ \’That person won\’t be interested in me.\’ Ever thought any of those?

I asked a group of salespeople once: \’What do you want to achieve this month?\’ The first guy said, \’I don\’t want to miss my target this month!\’ I asked him the same question 5 times before he realised he was thinking and focusing on \’missing the target\’….

If you have ever thought like that then you are focusing on the negative.  You are focusing on what you DON\’T want rather than what you DO.

Why do you do that in your head when you wouldn\’t dream of doing it out loud.

When you go into Starbucks and the Barista asks you what you want do you say, \”Well, I don\’t want a Latte, and I don\’t want a Mocha, and a certainly don\’t want a Tea\”?

That would be stupid right?

You ask for what you want.  \”I\’ll have a Cappucino please.\”

So why don\’t you keep that mindset in everything?

Be positive sounds like a bloodgroup: but it\’s more than that.  Can you imagine what sort of life you are going to enjoy if you continue to focus on the negative stuff?  Maybe you are already suffering that lifestyle.  Well STOP.  Right now.

Be specific about what you want and be determined to get what you want from situations.

\’I am going to enjoy this meeting and get my points across\’ \’I am going to park the car down here and then go to the restaurant\’ \’I am going to make some sales today\’ \’I am going to get every single piece of information I can from this seminar\’ \’I am going to get a table at the restaurant tonight\’ \’I am going to have fun talking to that person\’

Go for Cappucino in your life.  Be Specific!

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